My Watchlists

My Watchlists function is a way to create and browse watchlists of securities. You can also choose which columns are displayed in the watchlist, group securities or add summary rows. Watchlists can be accessed in My Watchlists, My Dashboards and the right-hand sidebar. Create your personal watchlist here. Create a

My Portfolios

This powerful feature allows users to build a portfolio and track current holdings.

My Screens

Equity screener is a tool that allows scanning through over 100K global securities using 5,900+ filter criteria to find your target companies.

Historical Graph (G)

Koyfin offers advanced charting functionality to visualize financial trends. The Historical Graph (G) chart is the most flexible way to create a chart on Koyfin. You can graph any financial series on Koyfin, create chart templates, export the chart or view data as a table. The chart function has several

Model Portfolios

This powerful feature empowers users to build, analyze, and manage Model Portfolios. You can visualize portfolio performance, analyze risk metrics, and iterate on your target allocation.

Corporate Transcripts

Corporate transcripts (TS) are verbatim representations of corporate and institutional events and cover earnings calls, presentations or other public events. Access data from 9000+ public companies across the world going back to 2004. You can analyze historical textual data and speaker trends from management’s discussion, determine positive or negative

My Dashboards

You can create a customized dashboard that contains different widgets including a watchlist of stocks (or other securities), charts, or news. The widgets are resizable and you can drag widgets around in the dashboard.

Markets News

Koyfin has strengthened its premium news content with one of the top independent sources of original and unbiased financial news – MT Newswires.

Watchlist Views

My Views lets you create independent sets of columns and table settings, and further reuse it in your watchlists and dashboards.

Relative Performance (A/B)

Relative charts are key for analyzing securities' performance, offering a clear view of their strength and trends compared to the market. They are especially useful in pairs trading, allowing investors to assess the comparative performance of securities like AAPL vs. QQQ directly on Koyfin. Creating and Utilizing Relative ChartsHere’s

Watchlist News

Watchlist News allows you to streamline and customize your financial news, filings, and transcripts specific to your watchlist.

My Dashboards Groups

What are My Dashboard Groups?My Dashboards grouping functionality allows you to link the widgets together by assigning 1 of 7 color groups to any dashboard component. These groups help components within the same group to communicate changes easier. How does it work?To assign a group to a widget,

ETF Exposure (EXP)

What is an ETF Exposure snapshot?ETF Exposure is a Koyfin Pro snapshot that shows how many ETFs hold a particular stock. This powerful function provides a snapshot view of all ETFs which hold a stock, and details about the concentration in the ETF. Note: ETF Exposure is currently available

Portfolio Analysis Tools

Koyfin allows you to access a variety of tools to keep track of your own portfolio. Want to track a list of securities tailored to your investment needs? We have you covered.

Financial Analysis Templates

Unlock investment insights by creating customized financial templates from 300+ financial data points. FA templates is an advanced Koyfin feature that allows you to set up your own financial analysis pages to bring together data which is most important to you. Financial Analysis (FA) on Koyfin encompasses traditional financial statement

Dividend Snapshot (DVD)

Dividend Snapshot is a Koyfin Pro feature that gives an extensive overview of the company’s general dividend policy including yield, buybacks, payout history, and dividend schedule. In addition, the snapshot breaks down the shareholder yield into the dividend, buyback, and debt paydown yields. How to find it on KoyfinThere

Adjusted vs Unadjusted Prices

Koyfin allows users to show dividend-adjusted or unadjusted historical price data. You can select which option to display at the bottom of the G chart. Note that this option is only available for equities and ETFs. All other asset classes show exclusively unadjusted price data.

ETF Holdings, Constituents & Contribution

The ETF constituents and contribution function (HDS) provides an overview of the ETF composition and quantifies how components have contributed to the overall performance of an ETF. Each ETF stock member has a weight, performance and contribution.

Data Overview

Koyfin offers a broad data offering from various sources. We aggregate and organize the data so it's easily accessible in charts and dashboards.

Mutual Fund Data

Koyfin offers professional-grade mutual fund data sourced from Morningstar and analytics to research performance, trends, and risks. You can access mutual fund snapshots, historical price and performance graphs, track the performance of your own mutual fund portfolio, and customize your mutual fund watchlists with over 50 data points such as

How to look at growth rates

Projection of expected growth rates and analysis of historical ones are important components of overall security analysis. A company’s actual performance compared to the consensus estimate influences its implicit value, so investors will want to keep an eye on the numbers.

Custom News Screens

Custom News Screens allows you to go beyond what we’ve selected for you and tune topics just the way you want them!

Custom Formulas

Custom Formulas & Calculations let you further customize the platform according to your needs and analyze data that is important to you.

Watchlist Sharing

Watchlist Sharing gives you the ability to share watchlists with other Koyfin users. This will enhance collaboration within Koyfin and allow you to create common workspaces to track securities and build watchlists with colleagues, friends, and communities.

Actuals and Consensus

We are introducing Actuals and Consensus snapshot to allow you to see and analyze previous company financial results alongside their forward estimates. Now we have added more estimates data and structured it, so you can clearly see and compare past and future financials on one screen. You can find it

Mobile App

Koyfin Mobile App is a comprehensive and compact version of the Koyfin web app and allows you to access and analyze stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and other financial data from your mobile device.

Percentile Rank Snapshot

Innovative Percentile Rank snapshot analyses and presents the percentile rank for various stock metrics. You can quickly see how a company ranks based on various fundamental metrics like valuation, margins, profitability, and performance.

Earnings Calendar

With Earnings Calendar, you will now be able to access timely and accurate earnings data for thousands of publicly traded companies.

Koyfin Data Dictionary

The Koyfin data dictionary provides a comprehensive overview of how we calculate key metrics that are frequently used in financial analysis.

Model Portfolio Sharing

We are introducing Model Portfolio Sharing which gives you the ability to share the portfolios you built with other Koyfin users and iterate on them together.

Mastering 'Description' Search Operators in Your Stock and Fund Screener

When it comes to refining your search in a screen, understanding the power of search operators can be a game-changer. These simple symbols: "+", "-", and quotation marks can dramatically narrow down your results. Let's explore how these operators work. Search without Operators: Match on ANY wordTyping multiple words without operators

Model Portfolio Exposure

Model portfolio exposure allows you to identify the distribution of your investments across various asset classes, regions, sectors, etc. This insight allows you to effectively manage risks and diversification. Monitoring your portfolio's exposure to a benchmark helps ensure deviations are strategic. Additionally, our Holdings Contribution table allows you to view

Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)

ROIC, or Return on Invested Capital, is a profitability ratio that gauges how well a company generates earnings from its invested capital. It's an essential indicator because it provides insight into two critical areas: Operational Efficiency: ROIC tells us how good a company is at turning capital into profits. High

Model Portfolio Holdings Matrix

Koyfin's Model Portfolio Holdings Matrix offers a simple look at what's in your portfolio. It breaks down each fund to show you exactly which stocks you own indirectly through those funds, plus how much of each stock you own directly. The matrix columns show funds in your model portfolio with

Referral Program

Introduce a friend to us and earn $20 Koyfin credits! Plus, your friend gets a special 10% discount.


Teams is a groundbreaking feature designed to enhance collaborative efforts and simplify the sharing of watchlists and model portfolios among users.

Earnings History Snapshot

This feature shows how actual company performance compares to the previous estimates projected by analysts. As an investor, this will help you understand the relationship between analysts’ expectations and how the stock has historically reacted. You can try out the new feature here. Note: Earnings History & Surprises is available

Company News

The Company News feature on Koyfin allows you to stay up-to-date with the latest news related to any company ticker you select. This feature is designed to provide you with a comprehensive view of the company's news, curated from various sources. Accessing Company NewsTo access the Company News feature, follow

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