MyDashboards (MYD)

You can create a customized dashboard that contains different widgets including a watchlist of stocks (or other securities), charts, or news. The widgets are resizable and you can drag widgets around in the dashboard.

MyWatchlists (MYW)

MyWatchlists function is a way to create and browse watchlists of securities. You can also choose which columns are displayed in the watchlist, group securities or add summary rows. Watchlists can be accessed in MyWatchlists, MyDashboards and the right-hand sidebar. Create a WatchlistTo create a new watchlist, click the "New"

ETF Holdings, Constituents & Contribution

The ETF constituents and contribution function (HDS) provides an overview of the ETF composition and quantifies how components have contributed to the overall performance of an ETF. Each ETF stock member has a weight, performance and contribution.

Adjusted vs Unadjusted Prices

Koyfin allows users to show dividend-adjusted or unadjusted historical price data. You can select which option to display at the bottom of the G chart. Note that this option is only available for equities and ETFs. All other asset classes show exclusively unadjusted price data.

Data Overview

Koyfin offers a broad data offering from various sources. We aggregate and organize the data so it's easily accessible in charts and dashboards.

Corporate Transcripts

Corporate transcripts (TS) are verbatim representations of corporate and institutional events and cover earnings calls, presentations or other public events. Access data from 9000+ public companies across the world going back to 2004. You can analyze historical textual data and speaker trends from management’s discussion, determine positive or negative

Relative Performance (A/B)

In investing, it's sometimes important to look at the relative performance (or relative strength) of two securities. This is sometimes called pairs trading. For example, you may want to look at the performance of AAPL vs. QQQ, or FB vs. GOOGL. You can quickly look at the chart of relative

Download Financial Data to CSV or Excel

There are several ways to download financial data from Koyfin to CSV or Excel to perform further analysis. Historical ChartNote: Restrictions from certain data providers prevent us from allowing full data download for certain financial items. Company Financial AnalysisYou can download Financial Highlights, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Valuation

Historical Graph (G)

Koyfin offers advanced charting functionality to visualize financial trends. The Historical Graph (G) chart is the most flexible way to create a chart on Koyfin. You can graph any financial series on Koyfin, create chart templates, export the chart or download the data. The chart function has several components. The

My Dashboards Groups

What are My Dashboard Groups?My Dashboards grouping functionality allows you to link the widgets together by assigning 1 of 7 color groups to any dashboard component. These groups help components within the same group to communicate changes easier. How does it work?To assign a group to a widget,

ETF Exposure (EXP)

What is an ETF Exposure snapshot?ETF Exposure is a Koyfin Pro snapshot that shows how many ETFs hold a particular stock. This powerful function provides a snapshot view of all ETFs which hold a stock, and details about the concentration in the ETF. Note: ETF Exposure is currently available

Portfolio Analysis Tools

Koyfin allows you to access a variety of tools to keep track of your own portfolio. Want to track a list of securities tailored to your investment needs? We have you covered. You can input the details of your portfolio to keep track of the overall performance and monitor which

Financial Analysis Templates

Unlock investment insights by creating customized financial templates from 300+ financial data points. FA templates is an advanced Koyfin feature that allows you to set up your own financial analysis pages to bring together data which is most important to you. Financial Analysis (FA) on Koyfin encompasses traditional financial statement

Dividend Snapshot (DVD)

Dividend Snapshot is a Koyfin Pro feature that gives an extensive overview of the company’s general dividend policy including yield, buybacks, payout history, and dividend schedule. In addition, the snapshot breaks down the shareholder yield into the dividend, buyback, and debt paydown yields. How to find it on KoyfinThere

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