V 3.11.01 - March 24, 2022

Introducing Transcripts & News search!

Advanced Transcripts and News Search at Koyfin

To expand our news & transcripts features, which have quickly proven to be highly popular among our users, we are now introducing Advanced Transcripts & News Search, aimed to give you full control over the News & Transcripts coverage on Koyfin.

You can now search for particular themes and keywords in transcripts and news to filter and narrow down all company documents for a proper analysis. Instantly see if management has mentioned a key term on an earnings call. Save yourself hours of looking painstakingly through documents one by one.

Note: the feature is available only for Plus and Pro users

How best to search transcripts

You can reach the new search functionality either from the left-side search box or the top command bar.

Transcripts search page at Koyfin

On the Transcripts search page, you can navigate through the multitude of transcripts available on Koyfin by inputting the search terms you’re interested in, choosing a proper date range, and filtering the results by event types, companies, security lists, or sectors.

You can clarify your search request by applying Advanced Terms that give you the flexibility to search by Any, Exact or Excluding words or phrases.

For example, you might be looking for transcripts that include the phrase corporate debt but that do not mention bubble.

Advanced Terms at Koyfin

If you wish to further narrow down the results, you can filter them by various Event types such as Analyst/Investor Day, Earnings Calls, M&A Call, Guidance/Update Calls, Fixed Income Calls, etc.

Filter your results by Security Lists, for example, by selecting transcripts that belong only to the Nasdaq 100 (Technology) major index or to any of your custom watchlists.

You can also manually add a set of companies with the Companies filter. You can even append companies to select indices or other watchlists.

Additionally, you can apply a Sectors filter to display results that, for example, relate only to Financial, Industrials, Materials, Real Estate, Energy, etc.

Once you apply all the search terms and filters, the results will be displayed in chronological order.

When you click on a transcript from the search result list, you’ll see snippets showing exactly where your keywords can be found in the content. Navigate through those parts of an article by just clicking on the snippets.

You can try to search for transcripts here.

How to search news

With the Reuters News Search page, you’ll save lots of time by reading only the most important breaking-market and investment stories.

Choose which news to read by searching for specific words mentioned in the articles and tuning results with our advanced filtering options — by the 700+ topics, countries, states, and companies they cover.

You can try to search for news here.

Reuters News Search at Koyfin

Beyond using the Advanced Search tab, you can also access the new search functionality from the corresponding Transcript (TS) and News (N) pages of a specific company.

To get to the news search, go to  News in the left side-bar and click on 🔍 Search News Articles, which will take you to the Reuters News Search with the last viewed company added as a filter.

To get to Transcripts, go to the Transcripts in the left side-bar and click on 🔍 Search Transcripts. Similarly, you will be redirected to the Transcripts Search tab and find the last company preselected.

Alibaba company Transcripts at Koyfin

Additional Improvements

To simplify your securities navigation, we’ve also improved the Security Search interface. We’ve moved it to a separate tab for faster access and expanded filtering options. Now you can search securities not only by Country, but also by Sector, Trading Exchanges, and Trading Currency.

Check out this video demo to see how to get the most out of Transcripts & News search: