In the world of finance, monitoring your investment portfolio is essential. Koyfin provides a solution for tracking and managing your portfolio. In this article, we will explore how to efficiently monitor your investments, use advanced tools, and make the most of the Koyfin platform.

This article shows how to create a portfolio inside a watchlist. Koyfin has separate functionality to create model portfolios which are mostly used by Financial Advisors to backtest the historical performance of portfolios.

Creating Your Portfolio

To begin tracking your portfolio in Koyfin, navigate to the My Watchlists tab in the left menu, where you can create baskets of stocks to follow.

To create your portfolio, select the "New Watchlist" tab and choose the "Equity Portfolio" template provided by Koyfin. This template includes a range of columns, some for manual input (highlighted in gray) and others that derive data from your inputs (white). Click inside the grey cells to input date. You can also upload a CSV with portfolio information.

Efficient Portfolio Management

To include additional portfolio tools in your watchlist, go to the "Columns" menu, select "Portfolio Tools," and choose the columns you need. Then, input data for each stock in your portfolio.

As you enter data, columns like weightings, purchase date, and price targets will update automatically. You can easily make adjustments to reflect portfolio changes, such as modifying quantity or average cost, which will instantly recalculate metrics like market value and weighting.

Koyfin enables you to incorporate its fundamental data, technical data, analyst estimates, percentile ranks, and other data points into your portfolio view. You can see the portfpolio-weighted values for metrics like % change and P/E by selecting Weighted Average in Summary on the top right.

Custom Formulas and Notes

For even more customization, Koyfin enables you to create custom formulas tailored to your portfolio. You can calculate metrics like stock-based compensation as a percentage of sales, adding a layer of analysis specific to your holdings.

You can also attach notes to each position, providing space for personalized insights or reminders, helping you keep track of essential investment details.

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Advanced Portfolio Analysis

In addition to basic tracking, Koyfin offers advanced portfolio management features:

  • News Feed: Once your portfolio is set up, you can access a dedicated news feed that covers all the companies in your portfolio. This keeps you informed about relevant news, press releases, filings, and transcripts.
  • Market Scatter: Utilize the market scatter tool to compare companies within your portfolio on various metrics. This feature offers insights into the relative performance of your holdings.
  • Earnings Calendar: Koyfin's earnings calendar, linked to your portfolio, offers a dedicated calendar for your holdings. It provides consensus estimates for metrics like revenue, EBIT, and EPS, streamlining your earnings analysis.

Table View

You can preserve all your portfolio settings by saving them as a watchlist view, allowing you to conveniently reuse them in your future watchlists.

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Summary Rows

For a comprehensive overview, you can add summary rows to your portfolio. These rows display key statistics like maximum and minimum values, average, median, percentiles, market-cap weighted average and portfolio weighted average.

In conclusion, Koyfin offers an intuitive platform with customizable features and advanced analytics for mastering portfolio tracking. Use it to enhance your investment strategy. If you have questions or need assistance, reach out to our help desk.

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