Koyfin's Model Portfolio Holdings Matrix offers a simple look at what's in your portfolio. It breaks down each fund to show you exactly which stocks you own indirectly through those funds, plus how much of each stock you own directly.

The matrix columns show funds in your model portfolio with the rows listing individual stocks, bonds, and options within those funds. The total portfolio concentration for each underlying security in the % of Portfolio column tells you 6.79% of your portfolio is Amazon. You can see how much of this 6.97% can be attributed to each fund by scanning across the Amazon row.

You can sort on any Matrix column. Sorting allows you see the largest holdings for every fund.

Use Cases

Managing Overlap and Concentrations: Suppose your largest direct holding is 7% in Microsoft. Holding Matrix may show 12% for Microsoft if 5% of your portfolio is invested in Microsoft through Funds. If you prefer a lower allocation you can then manage your direct investment accordingly.

Find Unwanted Exposures: If stock ABC has fallen 20% in the last week or is negatively highlighted in the news, you can track this exposure and find which funds own it.

Assessing Diversification Benefits of Funds: If you're using a US Large Cap Value Fund to balance out US growth stocks, the Holdings Matrix can show you if this strategy is effectively reducing concentrations or if there's unexpected overlap.

Direct Holdings

The 'Direct' column shows securities owned directly, such as individual equities like Apple, not through fund investments.

The rightmost column contains 'Direct' holdings

Other Fund

We display only 10 funds in the Matrix. All additional funds are aggregated under an 'Other' column, simplifying the view while still giving a comprehensive overview of investments.

'Other' refers to the sum of all Funds

A portfolio of funds may own thousands of underlying Equities. Use the search functionality to find the exact holding you are looking for.

Type the Security Name or Ticker in the search bar


Koyfin has holdings for most US ETFs and Mutual Funds. International ETFs, Canadian Mutual Funds, and Closed-End Funds are not covered in this analysis. Check our fund holdings snapshots if you're curious about specific fund coverage. https://app.koyfin.com/snapshot/hds/et-n5kqqt


Koyfin's Holdings Matrix demystifies your portfolio by giving you transparency into your underlying holdings. It enables informed decision-making by pinpointing overlaps and concentrations.