My Watchlists function is a way to create and browse watchlists of securities. You can also choose which columns are displayed in the watchlist, group securities or add summary rows.

Watchlists can be accessed in My Watchlists, My Dashboards and the right-hand sidebar.

Create a Watchlist

To create a new watchlist, click the "New" button at the top of My Watchlists.

Custom Watchlists creation on Koyfin

You can rearrange the order of the watchlists by dragging the tabs, or by dragging the watchlists in the menu.

Watchlists order arrangement on Koyfin

You can rename, duplicate or delete a watchlist on the top right, or in the My Watchlists menu.

Actions with watchlists on Koyfin

Adding and importing Tickers

You can add tickers to a watchlist by clicking on the "Add Ticker" button in the watchlist.

Adding Tickers on Koyfin

You can upload or import a list of securities by copy/pasting it into the Import Securities pop-up.

Importing Tickers on Koyfin

Right-click menu

Right-clicking on a security gives the ability to load that security into Koyfin functions like Snapshot or Graph. You can also delete a security in the menu.

Right-click menu on MyWatchlists on Koyfin

Edit Columns

You can choose which columns to display in your watchlist by clicking on the Columns icon. Column selections automatically save.


You can group securities by predefined groups like a company’s Sector or Country.

You can add a custom group to a watchlist by clicking on “+Add Ticker”, and typing * before the name. For example, you can type *Longs in the +Add Ticker field to create a group of Longs.

You can also click the button, “+New Group” that appears when you hover over the button “+Add Ticker”.


You can select summary statistics to display at the bottom of a table like average, max, min, percentiles, etc. Summary statistics will display by group if groups exist in the table. You have the option of hiding individual summary numbers by right-clicking on the summary number. A signed-in or signed-up user should have a Plus plan or higher to create more than two watchlists.


Securities can be sorted manually by dragging the order of the securities, or by right-clicking on the column header.

There’s also an option for advanced sort in the header bar, where you can select multiple variables to sort by.

Column options

When you right-click on the column header, you can create a custom column name, sort the column or remove the column.

You can resize the columns by dragging the borders.


A template is a saved selection of columns, groups, sort and summary rows. You can load a template into a table, or you can save the current table as a new template, or overwrite an existing template.

When switching between Watchlists, the selected template will be applied to the watchlist.

More on watchlists in our Koyfin Academy tutorial: