v.3.37: May 1st update

Koyfin has introduced several enhancements to improve functionality and user experience. These updates provide deeper insights into financials, expand portfolio options, and streamline data analysis, ensuring users can make more informed investment decisions.

v3.36: Mobile App Improvements

The new update for the Koyfin mobile app includes real-time data alerts, enhanced charting tools, a detailed view in watchlists, and actuals & consensus data, offering comprehensive financial tracking and a more intuitive analysis experience.

v3.35: Adjusted Historical Fundamental Metrics

You can add historical quarters and years for adjusted metrics such as EPS, EBITDA, and Net Income to your watchlists.

v3.34: Live News in Watchlists

Stay informed with real-time updates in your Watchlist News.

v3.33: Model Portfolio Sharing

Model Portfolio Sharing feature gives you the ability to share the portfolios you built with other Koyfin users and collaborate on them together.

v3.32: Press Releases

Our news coverage now includes company press releases that you can track both in the Koyfin web app and on mobile.

v3.31: Referral Program

Introduce a friend to Koyfin and earn $20 in Koyfin credits when they subscribe to any paid plan.

v3.30: Mutual Fund & ETF Screeners

We're thrilled to announce two new powerful features on Koyfin — Mutual Fund & ETF Screener.

v3.29: Return on Invested Capital

With this new release, you can now get deeper financial insights into companies' operational efficiency and value creation with essential indicators like ROIC, NOPAT, Average Invested Capital, and more.

v3.28: Table Views & Portfolio Import

We've introduced two new improvements to the My Watchlist functionality that will make your table creation faster and more efficient.

v3.27: Charts Updates

Explore the newest advancements in our graph capabilities, providing you with enhanced visualizations for better insights and decision-making.

v3.26: Model Portfolio Improvements

Discover the latest enhancements to our model portfolios feature.

v3.25: My Portfolio

We're thrilled to introduce My Portfolio to Koyfin. This powerful new feature allows users to build a portfolio and track current holdings. Users can manage multiple accounts and track purchase date, quantity and average cost, as well as individual lots. My Portfolio combines all holdings and displays P/L breakdowns

v3.24: Watchlist Sharing

Today we are introducing Watchlist Sharing, which gives you the ability to share watchlists with other Koyfin users. This will enhance collaboration within Koyfin and allow you to create common workspaces to track securities and build watchlists with colleagues, friends, and communities. Watchlist sharing is now live on the platform

v3.23: Model Portfolios

We're thrilled to introduce Model Portfolios on Koyfin. This powerful new feature empowers users to build, analyze, and manage Model Portfolios. You can visualize portfolio performance, analyze risk metrics, and iterate on your target allocation.

v3.22: Watchlist News

We're excited to announce the launch of a powerful feature - Watchlist News. Watchlist News allows you to streamline and customize your financial news, filings, and transcripts specific to your watchlist.

v3.21: Percentile Rank Snapshot

We've added a new company Snapshot called Percentile Rank. This innovative snapshot analyses and presents the percentile rank for various stock metrics.

v3.20: Mobile app

We are excited to announce the release of our new mobile app, an extension of our powerful analytics platform.

v3.19: Earnings Calendar

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Earnings Calendar! With this update, you will now be able to access timely and accurate earnings data for thousands of publicly traded companies.

v3.18: Percentile Rank

Percentile rank is a measure 0-100 for a particular metric like P/E and tells you what percentage of companies in a cohort have lower or higher values. It provides context around performance, valuation and financials by comparing a company vs. a cohort of stocks.

v3.17: Cryptocurrencies

We hope to make it easier for investors to find cryptocurrency data that's relevant to their current needs, whether they're looking at this as an investment opportunity or as a fun way to learn about new technologies.

v3.16: Equity Screener

We’ve received overwhelming feedback from many of our users requesting an equity screener — and we listened! Today we are introducing a new function called My Screens.

v3.15: Graph Transformations

We are excited to share new expanded functionality for Historical Graphs. Now you can make graph transformations, such as y/y % change, and statistical measures, such as mean and +/- 1 standard deviation, on fundamental series in graphs

v3.14: MT Newswires

We are proud to announce that Koyfin has strengthened its premium news content with one of the top independent sources of original and unbiased financial news – MT Newswires.

v3.13: Watchlist Sharing

We're excited to introduce Watchlist Sharing which gives you the ability to share watchlists with other Koyfin users. Collaborate with your colleagues or friends on creating a common workspace to track lists of securities.

v3.12: My Views

We are introducing a new functionality called My Views that lets you create independent sets of columns and table settings, and further reuse it in your watchlists and dashboards.

v3.11: Transcripts & News search

To expand our news & transcripts features, which have quickly proven to be highly popular among our users, we’re now introducing Advanced Transcripts & News Search, aimed to give you full control over the News & Transcripts coverage on Koyfin.

v3.10: Custom Formulas

We are introducing Custom Formulas & Calculations to let you further customize the platform according to your needs and analyze data that is important to you.

v3.9: Custom News Screens

Custom News Screens is the new extension to our current Market News section. Until now, we’ve sliced and diced news by organizing it under tabs as follows: Top News, Global Markets, Corporate Events, Industries, Macro, World Economy, Lifestyle

v3.6: Earnings History Snapshot

Today, we’re introducing the Earnings History snapshot. This new feature shows how actual company performance compares to the previous estimates projected by analysts.

v3.5: Dividend Snapshot

With our latest July update, we are introducing the Dividend (DVD) snapshot. This feature gives a detailed overview of the company’s overall dividend policy including yield, payout ratio, and dividend history.

v3.4: MYD, FA & ETF Exposure

We have several important updates to announce! Firstly, we’re releasing new features that improve My Dashboards functionality, Financial Analysis and a new Snapshot to track ETF exposure.

v3.2: Corporate Transcripts

With the February update, we are introducing Corporate Transcripts (TS) — an important feature to help you read into management conversations, determine positive or negative sentiment and trends, and pick up on the expectations for future performance.

v3.1: My Watchlists

In our last product upgrade, a lot of functionality changed and we received feedback from many users that they missed the “old” MyDashboards.

v3.0: Global Equities, Drag & Drop

With the latest Koyfin update, we’re introducing lots of new features that you’re going to love. First, our expanded global equities coverage that makes navigating all the markets easier than ever.

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