In the world of financial analysis and investment research, access to earnings call transcripts, special calls and conferences is crucial. Koyfin offers a Transcript Search feature that allows users to access its extensive library of transcripts. In this article, we will explore advanced search techniques to maximize the value of Koyfin's transcript library.

To access transcripts for a specific company on Koyfin, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the "News, Filings & Transcripts" section on the left-hand sidebar in Security Analysis.
  2. Click on "Transcripts" to explore available transcripts, including earnings calls, special calls, and more.

Koyfin's basic transcript search enables users to read transcripts and highlight specific terms in a single transcript, making it valuable for those interested in company earnings calls and events:

  1. Select a transcript of interest.
  2. Click the "Highlight Terms" button.
  3. Enter a search term, e.g., "China," and Koyfin will highlight all instances of the term in the transcript.

Advanced Search Across All Transcripts

However, advanced search takes your research to the next level by allowing you to search across Koyfin's entire transcript library. Click on "Advanced Search" under the "Transcripts" section on the sidebar.

The Advanced Search dashboard provides tools to refine your transcript search:

  1. Search Bar: Enter specific terms, phrases, or advanced search operators. You can also exclude certain terms from your search.
  2. Date Range: Define the timeframe you want to search within.
  3. Filters: Narrow down your search by selecting the type of calls (e.g., earnings calls, special calls), specific companies, security lists (watchlists), or sectors.

Here are some advanced search scenarios to highlight the power of this feature:

  • Broad Term Search: Search for a broad term like "AI" across all transcripts between 2004 and today to identify mentions of artificial intelligence.
  • Specific Term Search: Refine your search by looking for a specific term like "weak consumer" within the transcripts.
  • Sector-Specific Search: Narrow your search further by selecting sectors like "financials" and "consumer discretionary" to find mentions of your chosen term within those sectors.
  • ETF or Watchlist Focus: Select specific companies or use watchlists to narrow your search. For example, search for "Chinese consumer" within a watchlist of luxury stocks.

Koyfin's advanced transcript search is a valuable tool for financial analysis, allowing users to conduct in-depth research and gain insights from transcripts.

Check out this video to get more information about these features.