Koyfin offers a broad data offering from various sources. We aggregate and organize the data so it's easily accessible in charts and dashboards.


  • Prices, financials, margins, consensus estimates and valuation ratios for all global stocks
  • A combination of live and delayed prices for US equities and ETFs
  • Delayed prices for Canadian stocks
  • All other markets are end-of-day

Price data for equities and ETFs is adjusted for dividends and splits by default. You can change the price history graph to “unadjusted” for dividends. Learn more.

Consensus estimates for EPS, revenue and EBITDA are from CapitalIQ consensus.


  • US ETF data including constituents, flows, and meta information

Mutual Funds

  • Daily price data and total return for all US-based & over 20K Canadian-based mutual funds (via Morningstar)
  • 15-minute delayed intraday price data for all US-based closed-end funds

Equity Indices

  • Live data for SPX, NDX and Dow Jones derived from CFDs (contract-for-difference).
  • Other global equity indices are updated end-of-day


  • Limited coverage of front-month Futures with end-of-day pricing


  • Live prices for 60 currency pairs and bitcoin
  • End-of-day pricing for remaining currency pairs

Government Bonds

  • Live bond yields covering 45 countries
  • Yield curves covering 20 countries


  • Global economic data spanning every country
  • Economic data from St. Louis Federal Reserve (FRED) available using FRED tickers