Custom Formulas & Calculations let you further customize the platform according to your needs and analyze data that is important to you.

This feature allows you to manipulate data with some simple math operations, saving you time and unnecessary effort. You can define custom formula calculations and add them as columns to your watchlists.

The feature is limited to only 1 custom calculation per watchlist in the Free tier and up to 10 calculations for Plus. Pro users get an unlimited number of any custom columns.

Custom Formulas and Calculations at Koyfin

You can try out the new feature here.

How to create a custom formula

To create a custom formula, go to My Watchlists, and click on theColumns. Then select Custom Columns & Formulas and click on Formula to create a new custom formula column.

Create a custom formula at Koyfin

Step 1. Under Column Label, give your column a custom name that is recognizable for when you use it in the future. For example, Last Price Multiplied.

Step 2. Choose all the Data Items to use within your calculation. For example, Last price.

Step 3. Create your custom Formula Expression by using the labels next to the data series as variables.

You can also create your formulas with the main arithmetic operations  — addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division — as well as use parentheses to mix and match operations as needed.

For example, A*2 — where A stands for Last Price multiplied by 2.

Step 4. Choose among the available display formats to decide how you would like the calculation result to be displayed.

There are multiple display formats available to you:

  • Number displays the result as a number with a precision of two decimals.
  • Percentage displays the result as a percentage with a precision of two decimals. It is also colored to designate positive or negative values.
  • Multiple displays the result as a valuation multiple with a precision of one decimal. (Note: no negative results or results over 500x are displayed.)
  • Basis Points displays the result in basis points as units.
  • Currency (Auto) displays the result in the requested currency, formatted automatically depending on denomination.

The remaining currency display options are displayed in their respective denomination labels:

  • Currency (Actual)
  • Currency (Thousands)
  • Currency (Millions)
  • Currency (Billions)

Step 5. Once all the settings are tuned, click on Create Column to save your new custom formula column.

Custom Formula creation at Koyfin

Add your created formulas to your watchlists

All your custom calculations are saved to Custom Columns & Formulas you can later reuse within a watchlist.

Custom calculations in Watchlists at Koyfin

You can also save custom formulas to favorites by clicking the ★ icon to quickly access them for further use.

Table View

You can preserve all your portfolio settings by saving them as a watchlist view, allowing you to conveniently reuse them in your future watchlists.

Explore further insights on table views in detailed help article.

How many custom columns do I have on my plan?

The feature is limited to only 1 custom calculation per watchlist in the Free tier, and up to 10 for Plus. Pro users get an unlimited number of custom columns.

The limitation refers to all customization columns under the Custom Columns & Formulas section, excluding My Notes — for which you create as many as you need regardless of your plan.

Check out this video demo to see how to get the most out of custom columns: