Command bar & Search on Koyfin

The command bar on top is a quick way to use shortcuts to find securities and charts instead of navigating through the side menu. Professional terminals such as Bloomberg and Reuters also have shortcut navigation to allow users to move quickly through the system. To quickly activate the command bar, use the “/” key on your keyboard. To exit it, press <Esc>.

The general format is: ticker <enter> function <enter>.

AAPL <enter> G <enter>, which will pull up the AAPL G-chart  
AAPL <enter>EST <enter>, which will pull up the AAPL estimates page
SPY <enter>HDS <enter>, which will pull up the SPY Holdings

Note that hitting <enter> selects the first line in the autocomplete field, or select a field with your mouse from the autocomplete dropdown.

Instead of typing the function, you can also search for fields. For example, you can type “AAPL <enter> Overview <enter>” to find the shortcut which will open the overview page.

Shortcuts in the command bar on Koyfin

You can jump directly to functions in the command bar with /command. For example, /MOV to pull up the Movers page, or /GM to pull up the Normalized Performance of the security already loaded into the menu.


Results are sorted by a combination of the best match with the search term, and the trading volume for equities and ETFs. For Mutual Funds, AUM is used instead of volume.


You can filter results by asset type, or by country.

Filters in command bar on Koyfin

Relative Tickers

Tickers can also be expressed relative to each other with a colon, which divides one stock price by another to show relative performance.

For example, “AAPL:FB <enter> G <enter>” to graph the relative performance of AAPL / FB.

Relative tickers can be used in graphs such as G and GM. Currently, relative tickers can’t be used in Watchlists or MyDashboards but that’s something on our roadmap for the future.

The advanced search functionality allows more in-depth search criteria and shows all the matching results.

Advanced search in command bar on Koyfin