Custom News Screens is the extension to our current Market News section.

We’ve sliced and diced news by organizing it under tabs as follows: Top News, Global Markets, Corporate Events, Industries, Macro, World Economy, Newsletters, Analyst Changes.

Custom News Screens at Koyfin

Custom News Screens allows you to go beyond what we’ve selected for you and tune topics just the way you want them!

You can try out the new feature here.

Design the news feed that works best for you

To create a custom news screen, press the button next to the Market News news tabs. Select news you want to see displayed — either All News, Top News (the latest trending news), or General News.

Choose from over 700 topics available in the following categories:

  • Business Assets
  • Commodities
  • Current Events
  • Culture & Entertainment
  • General News
  • Industry Specific
  • Organizations
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Science & Technology
  • Sports

Refine your news selections by filtering them for specific regions, countries or states.

Filtering news selections at Koyfin

You can also save topics and regions to favorites by clicking on the ★ icon to quickly access them for further custom news combinations.

Note: Under Topics Selections, you’ll find the clickable ANY / ALL button. The default is set to ANY, which displays any articles that match the chosen topics. Switching to ALL, will display articles that contain all of the chosen topics.

For example, you can select Corporate Debt and Airlines. If you create your custom news screen with the ALL option, you will see the list of articles that are tagged with both topics about Corporate Debt and Airlines. If the ANY option is selected, you will see articles with topics based on either Corporate Debt or Airlines.

To rename your custom screen, right-click on its header, give it a new name, and hit the save button. You can also edit the screen settings or move it around the news-tab area.

Check out this video demo from our CEO, Rob Koyfman, to see how to get the most out of news customization: