We are introducing Model Portfolio Sharing which allows you to create portfolios and share them with colleagues and friends. The recipients can have edit or read-only permissions.

*Note: this feature is available exclusively to Pro users

How to share a model portfolio

  1. In the model portfolio of your choice, click Share in the top-right corner.
  2. Type in the designated email address of your colleague or friend. Make sure they have an existing Koyfin Pro account as Model Portfolios are only available on a Pro tier.
  3. Choose between the Viewer or Editor permission level depending on if you want them to make any changes to your model. You can change this later.
  4. Click Share one more time to confirm.
  5. All done! The person will now receive an email inviting them to open the portfolio and it will be automatically added to their list of portfolios with a shared icon.

Note: Only the creator of a model portfolio can share it or change its access. The "Share" button is visible only to the owner, who can invite others to collaborate. Alternatively, you can duplicate a shared model portfolio to share with others.

How to revoke access to your model portfolio

  1. Click on Shared in the top right corner to view all users who have access to your model portfolio.
  2. Click on the access permissions dropdown next to the user you need.
  3. Select Revoke access.

If you wish to remove a model portfolio that was shared with you from your list, you can delete it. Doing so will only remove it from your list and will not affect the owner's copy of the model portfolio.