V 3.5.01 - July 27, 2021

Introducing Dividend Snapshot [Pro]:​​

Koyfin release 3.5 - New dividend snapshot available

With our latest July update, we are introducing the Dividend (DVD) snapshot. This feature gives a detailed overview of the company’s overall dividend policy including yield, payout ratio, and dividend history. In addition, the snapshot decomposes shareholder yield into dividend, buyback, and debt paydown yields.

Note: Dividend Snapshot (DVD) is available for Koyfin Pro users only

Simple yet powerful

Dividend snapshot is organised in an easy fashion, yet is a powerful and very useful tool, giving you an overview of the following metrics:

  • Dividend yield & frequency
  • Dividend growth
  • Dividend history
  • Chart on dividend yields & payments
  • Shareholder yield breakdown

Shareholder yield is based on three important components:

Dividend yield is the amount of payback in dividends which serves as an indicator of company’s value

Buyback yield is the amount of repurchased shares that may indicate if a stock is undervalued or actively repurchasing its shares, or whether the company attempts to support the stock price and its shareholders

Debt paydown yield is the net change in long term debt over the trailing twelve months divided by the company’s market capitalization that shows what a company does with its capital structure

🔎 To find this feature on Koyfin, open Snapshots Dividend in the left-side bar, or search for the DVD shortcut in the command bar. Learn more

Gross Profit Metrics & Debt ex Leases [All Users]:

Users now have the ability to analyze Gross Profit (GP) and related valuation ratios in Graphs, Market Scatter and My Dashboards. The following fields are available:

  • Gross Profit
  • GP / EV yield
  • GP / Market Cap yield
  • Gross Profit Margin
  • Gross Profit CAGR
  • P / GP
  • EV / GP

Additionally, we've added to Koyfin debt metrics excluding leases. Users have the ability to pull up Short-term Debt (ex leases), Long-term Debt (ex leases) and Total Debt (ex leases).

Koyfin debt metrics view

Note: This feature is available for all Koyfin users

More updates, improvements, and fixes:

  • Transcripts (TS) — added support for non-equity tickers
  • Financial Analysis (FA) — added NTM estimates to financial analysis
  • Fixes — hover charts within FA and currency handling within security QuoteBox

To get more information on Koyfin functionality, take a look at other Help Center documentation or check out our YouTube channel.