Introduce a friend to Koyfin and earn $20 in Koyfin credits when they subscribe to any paid plan. Plus, your friend gets a special 10% discount on their first subscription. Make sure your friend is a new Koyfin user.

Get your personal referral link here.

How to Invite a Friend

To invite a friend, go to the “Tell a Friend” page located under the user profile dropdown. There you will find your personal invite link, which you can copy and share with as many friends as you like, or share it on Twitter (X).

Discount for Your Friend

After your friend opens your invite link and creates a free account from there, the first-time 10% discount will be applied automatically and will be visible on their pricing page. Once they are ready to upgrade, $20 in Koyfin credit will be added to your account as a reward for spreading the word.

Koyfin Credits

For each paid Koyfin user you invite, you earn $20 in Koyfin credits, which are applied automatically 30 days after your friend redeemed the discount to account for our refund period.  If the referee requests a refund or a chargeback, both the referrer's and the referee's rewards will be canceled.

Your earned Koyfin credits will be shown in the Credit Balance section and used automatically for your next transactions.

Note: Credits apply only to web application purchases and not mobile app subscriptions.

Questions and Feedback

For any questions or feedback regarding the referral program, please feel free to contact us at