You can create a customized dashboard that contains different widgets including a watchlist of stocks (or other securities), charts, or news.

To create a new dashboard, use the “Create New” button in the left sidebar under MyDashboards. You can create a blank dashboard to start adding widgets, or you can load a customized template with widgets selected.

Once you create a blank dashboard, you can add widgets by clicking in the blank space. The widgets are resizable and you can drag widgets around in the dashboard.

Table / Watchlist

The table widget contains a watchlist which is a list of securities like stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, fx, economic data or any other data series on Koyfin. You can read more information in the MyWatchlists help page.

Inside a table widget, a template is a saved selection of columns, groups, sort and summary rows. You can load a template into a table widget (which will overwrite the existing columns), or you can save the current table as a new template.

Historical Graph

The historical graph widget displays the historical price or you can load one of your graph templates into the widget. You can create or edit a graph template in the G Graph function.

To change the loaded security in the graph, drag a ticker from your table into the graph.

Performance Graph

The performance graph shows the cumulative % change since the first day on the graph. For example, you can see the % change over the past one year, or YTD.

When dragging a ticker into the performance graph, you can either replace the tickers in the current graph, or add the ticker to the current selection. The toggle for add/replace is at the bottom of the graph.