What is an ETF Exposure snapshot?

ETF Exposure is a Koyfin Pro snapshot that shows how many ETFs hold a particular stock. This powerful function provides a snapshot view of all ETFs which hold a stock, and details about the concentration in the ETF.

Note: ETF Exposure is currently available for US equities only

ETF Exposure snapshot on Koyfin

ETF Exposure allows you to discover various insights about the stock and its exposure in different ETFs including:

  • names and count of ETFs that hold a stock
  • ETF fund focus
  • number of shares held by all US ETFs
  • overall market value held by all ETFs
  • % of shares held by US ETFs
  • weight in each ETF

To get most out of the ETF Exposure, you can sort the table data by all available metrics (% of weight, market value, etc.) by clicking on the row header.

Where to find it on Koyfin?

There are two ways to access the ETF exposure snapshot of a particular company stock:

I. Left-side bar menu
First, type an equity name into the left-side bar search box. Then open Snapshots → ETF Exposure.

ETF Exposure via left-side bar menu on Koyfin

II. Command bar
Click on the top command bar or quickly activate it with the backslash “/” key on your keyboard. Then type an equity name → press “enter” → type EXP → press “enter” again. For example:

AMZN <enter> EXP <enter> will pull up the snapshot of ETFs with exposure to Amazon
BABA <enter> EXP <enter> will show ETFs with Alibaba exposure

ETF with exposure to amazon on Koyfin

Learn more about the command bar & search functionality here.

To learn more about this feature, check out our latest video demo:
(Timestamp: 10:42 - 11:55)