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for smarter investing

Intuitive features put you in control of full market data.
See more of what matters to you, in less time.

Advanced Graphing

Brilliant graphs give you more

Sharpen your insight in a snap with superb graphing features. Our clean and elegant tools transform information into power.

Save & Share

Create graph templates in a flash and share them at will.

Technical & Fundamental

Customize charts to suit your investment style.

Financial Analysis

See crucial financial data, instantly

Accessing financial data shouldn't need sleuth-like detective skills. That's why we let you see it all at the click of a button.

Custom Analysis

Cut to the chase: design the emphasis that works best.

Financial Review

View by different time periods graphically and tabularly.

Equity Screener

Instant match

Find your target companies that match your unique investment style. Our filter criteria are set to leave no chance for the stocks you look for to slip through your radar.

Custom Filters

Incorporate over 5,900 filters to meet your parameters.

Results & Insights

See what is driving the market in a matter of seconds.

Market Dashboards

Easily see big picture economics

Identify market trends that can have a big impact on investments, large and small.

Curated Data

Today’s markets curated on one easy-to-follow screen.

Data Overview

Easy-to-view pages for economic data and markets.


Stay on the lookout

Create & customize watchlists to easily keep track of all necessary metrics of your investment assets.

Custom Views

Create and reuse a sets of columns and table settings.

Share Insights

Share personalized watchlists at the click of a mouse.

Custom Dashboards

All your essential data, in one view

Create and save custom dashboards to give you a bird's-eye view of all the data you care about most, on one screen.

Tailored Data

Create specialized data sets to match your unique needs.

Multiple Watchlists

Create flexible dashboards for each asset class you follow.

Company Snapshots

All company data at your fingertips

Get all the security information and analyst estimates overview instantaneously with our snapshots.

Security Snapshots

Get top-down view of essential security information.

Analyst Estimates

Watch the analysts with a particular interest in your stock.

Portfolio Tools

Efficiently track your investments

Quickly and easily track all of your investments, giving you an at-a-glance view of your investment performance.

Equity Portfolio

Track and manage your equities in one place with ease.

Custom Views

Create and reuse a set of columns and table settings.

Model Portfolios

Streamline your strategy

Unlock strategic investing with our model portfolios, your gateway to balanced, insightful, and optimized financial growth.

Dynamic Allocation

Smartly balance investments with our intelligent allocation, promoting secure growth.

Insightful Analytics

Boost your strategy with in-depth analytics, illuminating portfolio performance.

Puru Saxena
Independent Investor

Koyfin is an excellent research tool and with its global coverage of equities, analyst estimates and financials, it allows investors to carry out fast and comprehensive analysis. Koyfin is a great product!

Puru Saxena
Independent Investor
Jacob Radke
Capital Markets Analyst, Fjell Capital

Koyfin as a service is like no other. I’ve used Bloomberg terminals that my university provides but Koyfin’s service is perfect for what I need. It’s even comparable to the service that Bloomberg offers!

Jacob Radke
Capital Markets Analyst, Fjell Capital
Hal Peterson
Managing Principal, Mission Hill Advisors

I truly enjoy Koyfin. I have been in the investment advisory business for 35 years and although I subscribe to and use a number of tools ranging from Eikon to Zephyr, I open Koyfin every day.

Hal Peterson
Managing Principal, Mission Hill Advisors
Stephen Chen
A work-from-home investor, Singapore

Koyfin is one of the chief tools I use to get a quick overview of the markets, as it offers a great dashboard covering multiple asset classes across the globe. And because they also offer data and analysis on US-listed ETFs and funds.

Stephen Chen
A work-from-home investor, Singapore
Irnest Kaplan, CFA
Technology equity analyst and investor, Kaplan Equity Analysts

I have the hugest amount of respect for Rob and the Koyfin team. What these guys are doing is great – and they are empowering individual investors like me with tools that make it easier and faster to analyse companies all over the world!

Irnest Kaplan, CFA
Technology equity analyst and investor, Kaplan Equity Analysts
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