Model portfolios

Diversify with precision

Delve deep into our model portfolios: gauge performance metrics, grasp comprehensive risk insights, and craft your optimal strategy for sustained growth.


Our customizable model portfolios allow you to specify rebalance frequency, advisor fees, portfolio currency, and make changes to target allocations over time.


Covering an extensive range of funds and equities, our model portfolios let you diversify across numerous assets with laser-like precision.

Gain insight

Harness the power of model portfolios to gain insights that illuminate your investment journey against a benchmark fund.


With our focus on the user experience, you’ll find our model portfolios a joy to use!

Summary snapshot

Key insights & drift analysis

In the summary snapshot, view key stats, visualize model portfolio holdings, and monitor allocation drift from your target effortlessly.

Performance chart

Benchmark comparisons & tailored insights

See how you stack up with customizable timelines. Choose between viewing cumulative returns, portfolio growth, or rolling returns.

Historical returns

Comprehensive performance analysis

Delve into trailing, monthly, and annual returns of your portfolio, contrasted seamlessly with your benchmark for a thorough performance review.

Risk metrics

Multi-faceted risk assessment

Discover the portfolio's resilience by examining its largest historical drawdowns and performance during pivotal stress periods in addition to a robust menu of portfolio risk metrics.

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