Easily track your investments

Create dozens of custom watchlists across all asset categories and tailor each using specific data points.


Our My Watchlists tool gives you premium functionality: you can group instruments as desired, add summary rows or notes, and more.

Time-saving impact

Custom views let you sculpt and organize the data you want to see. Koyfin works with you — to keep more impact on each screen.


Endlessly customizable, your watchlist will become one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal.


With our focus on the user experience, you’ll find our watchlists a joy to use!

Easily share insight

Share personalized watchlists at the click of a mouse

This is a great way to share your brilliant ideas and collaborate with your colleagues or friends on creating a common workspace to track lists of securities.

Independent watchlist views

Gain full control over column configurations

Create a configuration of columns and table settings which you can save and reuse with other watchlists.

Create custom calculations

Analyze data in ways that matter most to your work

This feature allows you to manipulate data with some simple math operations, saving you time and unnecessary effort. You can define custom formula calculations and add them as columns to your watchlists.

Track your portfolio

Easily track your investments

Create a watchlist of your Portfolio to easily keep track of your investments. Add your watchlist to a custom dashboard and you’re starting to unlock the true power of Koyfin.

Custom dashboards

See everything you need, on one screen

Create dozens of custom watchlists across all asset categories and tailor them to your unique investment management style.

Great investments start with
great insight.

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