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Remote (US / UK / AR)

Senior Product Designer


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Our Mission

To equip every investor in the
world, no matter their size, with the
best data and tools; empowering
them to achieve more.

Our values


Customer first

  • We are committed to solving our customers’ problems.
  • We delight our customers with a product that exceeds their expectations.
  • We recognize the trust our customers have in us for financial decisions and we deeply value this trust.
  • Our customers lead busy lives, so we ensure our communication is straightforward and concise.

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Humility & respect

  • We practice humility and thoughtful consideration, valuing the discovery of truth over being right.
  • We prioritize patience and respect in our interactions with colleagues and customers.

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  • We listen actively to understand all viewpoints, explaining and teaching clearly without using complex jargon.
  • We collaborate selflessly, elevating our team and putting collective success above individual ego.
  • We value passionate debate, respect the decision-making process, and commit to outcomes.

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Continuous improvement

  • We embrace continuous learning, remain open-minded, and exhibit relentless curiosity.
  • We continuously innovate to ensure our product always improves.

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  • We consistently deliver results.
  • We drive progress and overcome obstacles with determination.
  • We prioritize progress over perfection.

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Our story


What’s the scoop?

Whilst at college, Rob works in an Ice Cream truck and Rich is putting together cars at the Ford Automobile plant. The best stories have unlikely beginnings, right?


Networking, works.

Rob and Rich meet at a LIBOR networking event. No not that LIBOR, the Little Investment Bankers of Rutgers. Cute.

2002 & 2003

Making Momma proud

Rich follows in Rob’s footsteps and graduates from Rutgers. Rob lands him a job at his roommate’s bank. Told you networking worked.

Since the dawn of time

Seriously, how much?

Just like everyone else in the history of finance, Rob uses Bloomberg and Factset every day. And every day, he wonders how such an outdated tool can cost $25k a year.


Flying solo

Rob leaves his job and has to pay for resources for the first time. He realizes the gulf that exists between retail tools and pro-grade tools. An idea begins to form.


Exploring the idea

Rob does a little digging and starts to bounce ideas off friends and colleagues. Some are skeptical.


The boring but significant bit

Rob files the necessary paperwork and incorporates Koyfin Inc. He pats himself on the back for a job well done and gets down to work.


Bootstrap for the win

Rob bootsraps Koyfin for the first couple of years. With a background in data & analytics Rob knew how the product needed to function but wasn’t sure he could build it. Enter Rich.


He’s back!

After seeing what Rob was doing via LinkedIn, Rich reaches out and they immediately start to riff off one another. Rich bridges the gap between engineer & product by teaching himself how to code. As you do.


Overseas expansion

Our office in Ukraine opens where Rob and Rich lead a remote team of three full-time developers. Developers four, five, and six follow shortly after.


v1 launches to crickets

We excitedly launch our first product and the world celebrates / doesn’t really notice. v1 wasn’t pretty but boy was it powerful.


Where is everyone?

With slow uptake, Rob leverages his network and pitches anywhere that will have him. At one event at Colombia Business School, 30 users sign up in an hour and effectively double our user base. However, people were starting to take note…


Time to take off the brakes

Some big players take notice and after two years of bootstrapping, it was time for outside capital. Craft Ventures and Social Leverage come on board in our Seed funding round.


The working world shifts

A worldwide pandemic hits and suddenly investors can no longer access their shared Bloomberg terminal. Koyfin’s mature product becomes an attractive option to an adapting workforce and our userbase sees a huge bump.


We were right all along

We launch widgets and dashboards to some initial pushback. Before long, people realize how totally awesome this is and these features become the core of our product offering.


What’s in a logo?

The brand gets some life injected into it and KOYFIN becomes a little less shouty.


Paid Plans

The next step in our evolution sees us launch paid plans, providing advanced tools for advanced users whilst maintaining a powerful free option for everyone else.


!Hola Argentina!

Our team continues to grow with Alejandro waving a tiny Koyfin flag in Buenos Aires.


Going mobile

We soft launch our mobile app. It’s a work in progress.


Fresh threads

Our website gets a much-needed overhaul which includes this super funny timeline. World domination surely follows.

The future

Watch this space

Koyfin’s team has grown to 30 full-time employees across the world but this is just the start. Rob and Rich have big plans.

Work at Koyfin

A portfolio of winning teams

Koyfin brings together people from diverse backgrounds with a wide range of skill sets and mindsets to deliver a product that has the power to change lives. Wherever your expertise lie, we have a team that can help you flourish. Join Us.

  • Product
    Works at the intersection of the technical side of the product and users' experience. Gets down to the nitty-gritty of building the product's new features and enhancing existing ones. The team determines and oversees all the stages of the features’ implementation and then monitors user feedback to find new areas for improvement.
  • Sales
    A team dedicated to accelerating Koyfin's B2B sales traction. They work on identifying, nurturing, and responding to qualified B2B sales opportunities in the financial advisor community. Together with the Product team, they create and prioritize new functionality geared toward main B2B user personas.
  • Data
    Building the engines that enable importing of raw data from various sources is no joke. The team processes data into higher-order metrics, finds signals and trends, staging inefficiently indexed databases, and finally serves it up to the web and mobile clients via API microservices. Confused yet? The team bets it’s exciting. Tech Stack: a variety of databases including MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Redis, Snowflake and React (web UI for internal use).
  • Application
    The application team is our biggest team. Its daily efforts are intended for the delivery of the Koyfin application and array of the features in the state our final users see it. They boast about a tiny amount of regressions needed. Tech Stack: TypeScript, JavaScript, React, Webpack, RxJS, WebSocket, AWS, Kubernetes, Node.js, MongoDB, DataDog, GitLab, and others.
  • Mobile
    A team of five works on developing and now supporting the mobile app for iOS and Android platforms. They make sure the essential stock market data is at users’ fingertips from wherever they happen to be. Tech Stack: cross-platform React Native technology.
  • Software Testing
    Is constantly on the guard of all the features working as intended. They make sure the platform functionality is on track and no bug is leaked into our new releases. Tech Stack: Cypress, Postman, Swagger, Postico, MongoDB compass, Kibana, Stripe sandbox, Datadog, Sentry, Canny, Mixpanel, and others.
  • Infrastructure
    A team that puts their efforts into ensuring that the code that developers wrote is properly built, shipped, and runs smoothly. Tracking application performance is their daily routine. They work on automating CI/CD processes, codifying infrastructure, and providing easy-to-use tooling for observability enhancement of all our services. Tech Stack: Gitlab, AWS cloud, Kubernetes, Terragrunt, Datadog.
  • HR & Recruitment
    Each company is powered by people who work there. The team manages the entire candidate and employee experience. They take the lead in identifying and hiring the best candidates for our team and provide functional support for those who are already a part of it, ensuring the work is joyful and comfortable here.
  • Customer Success
    Is at the forefront of tackling any questions and issues that our users might have. Always friendly and helpful, they are your guides to the platform functionality. Practically, know all the users by their names.


We’re wherever you are

With offices in 7 locations and the option to work remotely, it’s possible to join us wherever you are. But don’t worry, we work hard to make sure everyone feels involved.

New York












Buenos Aires



A little love benefits us all

We value every one in our team and that’s why we take care of you. Our universal benefits are designed to give you the perfect work-life balance, no matter where you are.

Health & well-being

No matter where you are, all our employees are covered by our generous health and dental plans.

Financial health

We offer a competitive compensation package including stock options and 401k contributions.

Parental leave

Valuable time off for both Mom and Dad to welcome the newest member of the Koyfin family.

Personal development

Gain paid industry certifications and make the most of our educational budget to keep you (and us) at the forefront of finance.

Work anywhere

Save yourself the commute and work from home if you like. We’ll even help you get set up.

Out of office

Enjoy flexible working hours and paid time off to rest and recharge.

Team events

Weekly team lunches, social events & team away days ensure we stay connected.

Life at Koyfin

Work anywhere, belong here.

It doesn’t matter where you are, or what you do, you’ll be supported to do your best work and live your best life. We’re invested in you.

Jon Kaplan
Data Analyst

I instantly loved the product and vision! What excites me the most is the dynamic nature of Koyfin and the opportunity to work on different types of problems within one role!

Jon Kaplan
Data Analyst
Polina Mekh
Junior SEO Specialist

For me, Koyfin means understanding, support, and assistance. I admire every team member, their talents and knowledge, and I’m sure such a team will succeed.

Polina Mekh
Junior SEO Specialist
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We get that not everyone has a good day every day and we want you to tell us about it. No one should suffer in silence. We welcome conversation on mental health and encourage openness so that we can create a culture where everyone feels valued and understood.


Paid or unpaid sick leave, you choose


Mental health workshops every year

Diversity and Inclusion

Making Koyfin open to all is at the heart of what we do, both in terms of our product and our team. The diversity of our team inspires imagination and innovation. We passionately believe in equal opportunity for all and empower everyone to reach their full potential.


Female team



Different languages spoken


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If you’d like to join us on our mission to revolutionize the financial industry, we’d love to hear from you!

Senior Software Engineer

Remote (UA, Europe)



Senior Product Designer

Remote (US / UK / AR)