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Koyfin’s robust analytics power your investment decisions and help track portfolios.

Portfolio Analysis Advanced Graphing Market Dashboards Screener

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Koyfin has been designed to give you a more complete overview of the
markets, allowing you to keep track of everything in one place.

Trusted around the world

Over 50,000 financial advisors worldwide use Koyfin as their number one tool to analyse the markets.

Keep track of everything

Our custom watchlists let you monitor everything all in one place, no matter their asset class. View it, track it and analyze it all with Koyfin.

Stay up to date

Koyfin’s live data, alerts and breaking news keep you up to date with the biggest movers and factors affecting the markets.

Maximize your time

Koyfin provides you with everything you need all in one place, so that you spend less time searching for information and more time helping your clients.

Voted best value

In the Kitces Report, users were asked about the value of tools they use relative to their cost. With a value of over 9.5 out of 10, Koyfin was the highest ranked tool by FIAs.

Stay informed.

Easily keep track of different asset classes with our flexible graphing tools, see market overviews with our pre-made dashboards and create your own custom views so that you’ll never miss a beat.

Model Portfolios

Monitor all your model portfolios

Koyfin allows you to create model portfolios and analyze the allocation, performance, and risk. Your model portfolios can even include historical changes to the target allocations.

Track watchlists

Track your investments
with ease

Koyfin is your one-stop solution for tracking watchlists of stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds effectively in one place.

ETF Valuation

Analyze the valuations of ETFs

Visualize the historical valuation of ETF on P/E, EV/S and other metrics understand whether ETFs are cheap or rich vs. history

Compare performance

Track mutual fund

Easily track performance vs. any security such as stocks, ETFs and other mutual funds.

Market dashboards

See the big picture

Get a more complete view of the markets with our ready-made market dashboards. Covering macro themes like sectors, factors, govt yields and economic data.

ETF and Mutual Fund screener

Find it quickly

Harness the power of Koyfin's ETF and Mutual Fund screener to find investments perfectly matching your specific criteria, such as fees, performance, or risk. Drive smart, informed decisions and optimize your portfolio's potential.

ETF and Mutual Fund holdings

Know what you own

Get a transparent snapshot of your ETF and Mutual Fund holdings with Koyfin. Experience the benefit of seeing 'under the hood' of your investments for informed decision-making.

Jason M. Pereira
Financial Advisor & Koyfin user

Koyfin not only provides me with access to broad and robust data but also does so in a highly intuitive and easy-to-use interface that makes leveraging even its most powerful features a snap. Anyone who tries it will quickly find its charting and analytics tools indispensable.

Jason M. Pereira
Financial Advisor & Koyfin user
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