Financial Analysis

Core financial overview

Cut through the clutter of financial statements and see key
valuation metrics in a flash.

In depth

Easily see detailed analysis of company financial and key valuation metrics in an instant.


Customize top-line criteria to highlight what’s most important to you.

Instant overviews

Get detailed company overviews in an instant. Save them to view any time you like.

Historical data

Review quarterly and annual data with the professional perspective you need.

Financial statement review

Easily analyze company’s financials

Gain quick insight into all the vital aspects of company financials by seeing highlights of balance sheets, income, and cash-flow statements. Save them to your dashboard for instant recall.

Customized FA Templates

Create your own financial template

You need to go beyond the standard financial statements. That's why Koyfin lets you build your own financial template and arrange the line items however you'd like. Reuse your templates for any stock.

Valuation analysis

Detailed overview on one page

You want detail, but you want it instant and transparent. You've got it! See it all on the financial statements page — graphically or in the easy-to-read column format. Koyfin lets you highlight what's most important.

Viability analysis

Dig deeper

Delve into the fundamental metrics securities analysts rely on most, such as profitability, efficiency, and liquidity ratios. Uncover hidden patterns by toggling between tabular and graphic views.

Great investments start with
great insight.

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