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You set the criteria, our filters do the rest. Identify companies that match your exact criteria from over 100,000 global equities.

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Sort through mountains of data to grasp what is driving the market in a matter of seconds.

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Make the most of over 5,900 filter criteria to generate a stock screener that works best for you.

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Limit the exposure and focus your attention on stocks that meet your unique parameters.

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Filter your choices to a manageable selection of stocks to spot the best opportunities.

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More filters for more precise results

Find your target companies having 5,900+ filter criteria at your disposal such as region, sector, description search, performance, technicals, financials, growth rates, analyst ratings, estimate revisions, and more.

Preferred measurement values

Search the universe

Scan through over 100K global securities by adding price, fundamental, and technical data series constraints.

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Save and analyse results easily

Add your screen to a watchlist for future analysis with the click of a button. Prefer to work with CSV? No problem, you can easily download your results as well.

Screener templates

Dozens of templates for all kinds of needs

Save your time and quickly scour the market for investment insights with pre-built screener templates.

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