Koyfin is the alternative to Finviz

See why investors choose Koyfin’s comprehensive data, customization and ad-free platform over the dated Finviz.

Why choose Koyfin over Finviz

Koyfin gives investors access to powerful analytical tools, advanced graphing and comprehensive data. It’s easy-to-use interface offers full customization to let you see what you want. Compare this to Finviz which bears close resemblance to an Excel spreadsheet with ads, 5 minutes on Koyfin is enough to convert even the biggest Finviz fan.

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The core of Finviz’s offering is solid, but extra features, advanced functionality and customization are where it’s lacking. Have we told you about Koyfin?

Core tools & analytics

Security overview

Economic calendar

Market movers

Earnings history

Scatter plot

Advanced features

Financial statements

Custom dashboards


Financial analysis templates

Stock screening

News, filings & transcripts

Company news



Document search


Our plans are clear, offer great value and have no hidden costs. And if you’d like to stay on our Free plan forever, that’s cool with us too. A range of price plans means that you can scale your access as and when you need.

Starting price

The Finviz pricing starts with their free plan, but you’ll need to upgrade to their Elite plan to unlock advanced graph functionality and get rid of the annoying adverts. This costs $39.50 per month and still doesn’t offer some of the advanced features available on Koyfin’s Free plan.



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Our Free plan gives you pro-grade analytical tools & live data so that you have everything you need to get started. You can switch to our paid plans any time to unlock our most powerful features.

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Our features are easy to use yet powerful. From advanced graphing to macro dashboards, we have everything you need to identify your next trade right here. Bookmark it now and never look back.

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Advanced Graphing

Humans love to visualize. Graphs drive today’s investing. Koyfin’s craft starts with fitting all the world’s data into radiant views. No more clunky interfaces! It’s the look and feel you wished for.

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Financial Analysis

The analysts speak, and the market moves. We help you keep up. Koyfin puts the world’s financial data at your fingertips. When the analysts speak, you can listen in.

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Custom Dashboards

What’s your style? Build watchlists that come alive. Shape them to your style or needs. Custom dashboards let you perfect your vision. Focusing on the right data has never been easier.

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Macro Dashboards

Macro Dashboards give you our best models for viewing bundled aspects of the financial landscape with just the right contextual detail. Explore and customize at will. Make our insight your own!

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Data Coverage

See why Koyfin’s comprehensive data coverage makes it is the obvious alternative to Finviz. With all your data needs covered and no adverts, you have in depth insight and fewer distractions. Win-win.

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Use Cases

A free plan and comprehensive data give Finviz wide appeal, however the ad-heavy approach may not be to everyone’s taste. Enter Koyfin, whose data set is just as powerful, but benefits from zero ads and enhanced customization. So no matter what you do, Koyfin has you covered.

Independent Investors

All the investment tools you need to succeed

Koyfin provides you with everything you need to effectively manage and grow your investment portfolio.

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Stay up to date with the markets biggest movers

Our comprehensive data and powerful analytical tools give you the tools you need to easily spot new trading opportunties.

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Research Analyst

Data and metrics of an analysts dreams

Get stuck into the numbers with a complete data set and powerful analytical tools as well as company snapshots and financial histories.

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Gain industry experience with pro-grade tools

Professional tools and comprehensive data at an affordable price give you the best start in investment.

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