Get Analyst Ratings, Price Alerts & Valuation Data on Top Stocks with Your Own Watchlist

Last Update:
May 27, 2024

Feeling lost trying to find which stocks are worth your investment? With so many options and fluctuating data, it’s a common challenge. That’s where a well-constructed watchlist becomes crucial. It’s not just about keeping a list of stocks; it’s about leveraging detailed financial metrics and timely alerts to make informed decisions – and that’s exactly what you’ll learn by the end of this guide.

What You Need in a Watchlist

  • Comprehensive Financial Metrics: Beyond simple price tracking, a good watchlist provides a variety of financial data such as fundamentals, price and returns data, analyst estimates, percentile ranks, and security information.
  • Customizable Filters and Sorting Options: Being able to sort and filter stocks by specific criteria—like sector, market cap, or performance metrics—helps you focus on the stocks that align with your personal or professional criteria.
  • Real-Time Price Alerts: Mobile-synced alerts notify you immediately when a stock reaches your target price, allowing for quick, strategic actions.
  • Integration with Other Tools: Seamlessly switch from your watchlist to detailed stock charts, helping you to quickly capture market trends.

To set up an effective watchlist, you need a tool like Koyfin that meets all these criteria. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up your watchlist with Koyfin.

About Koyfin

Koyfin is a financial data and analytics platform trusted by over 500,000 investors. It offers a powerful watchlist that allows tracking global assets with over 500 customizable metrics, covering fundamentals, technicals, performance, and analyst estimates. Users can customize, download, share, and integrate their watchlists with other platform features. Beyond watchlists, Koyfin provides extensive coverage of equities, analyst estimates, transcripts, filings, screeners, financials, model portfolios, charting, macro data, and custom dashboards. Sign up for free.

How to Create Your Watchlist

First, you’ll need to set up a Koyfin account, which you can do here (no credit card required). Once you’ve signed up and logged in, we’ll be ready to get started.

Starting Your Watchlist
Click here to begin and press the + button. You can choose to start with a blank watchlist, import a CSV, or use a template. For this guide, we’ll start with a blank one and give it a custom name.

Starting Your Watchlist on Koyfin

Adding Tickers
You can search for each ticker or simply copy & paste multiple tickers using the ‘Import securities’ option.
To save you time and ensure you’re starting with a robust list, here are some ticker lists from our ‘top stocks’ articles:

  • Best Food Stocks: SBUX, QSR, CMG, GRG, WING, SHAK, CAVA, MEX, KRUS
  • Best Luxury Stocks: RACE, RMS, LVMHF, KER, BRBY, TPR, MONC, EL

Adding Tickers on Koyfin

Customizing Columns
Go to the column picker and either search directly or browse through the left-hand menu.
Here are some recommended metrics:

  • Industry
  • Next Earnings Date
  • Revenues Estimate Y/Y Chg (FY1)
  • Average Analyst Ratings (1-5)

Columns can be added, deleted, renamed, rearranged, and sorted to fit your needs.

Customizing Columns on Koyfin

Organizing Your Watchlist
A well-organized watchlist enhances clarity and speeds up your analysis.

  • Sort by Market Cap: Prioritize stocks based on their size.
  • Group by Industry: This helps in segmenting stocks for better analysis.
  • Add a ‘Median’ Summary Row: This can be more informative than averages in some cases. Right-click on any summary number to hide individual summaries if needed.

Organizing Your Watchlist on Koyfin

Integrating Financial News
Click on ‘News’ on the top-right of your watchlist to get news updates, earnings transcripts and press releases specific to the stocks in your watchlist. Choose from various news sources or remove specific sources to customize your feed.

Integrating Financial News on Koyfin

Accessing Historical Graphs
You can get technical, fundamental and valuation charts for your watchlist stocks directly in the Historical Graphs tab.
Click on the “Graphs” tab in the left sidebar to expand it and select “Historical Graph.” Then, click on the watchlist icon on the right sidebar (the second icon) and select your desired watchlist from the dropdown menu. Click on any ticker row from your watchlist to generate a detailed historical graph. Customize your graph by adding various indicators.

Accessing Historical Graphs on Koyfin

Setting Up Price Alerts
Install the Koyfin app from the App Store or Google Play and log in.
Go to the asset page of any stock and tap the Bell icon in the top right corner. Click ‘Add Alert’ to open the alert setup dialog. Choose conditions such as above or below the current price, or set a specific price target. Select the alert frequency (once, daily, etc.).

Take Your Watchlist to the Next Level

Set alerts for key press releases directly from the mobile app, ensuring you never miss crucial updates. Customize your watchlist with formulas for precise analysis, and seamlessly integrate it with the Earnings Calendar to track upcoming earnings dates and estimates. Additionally, use the Market Scatter feature to compare financial metrics across your stocks. Explore Koyfin’s advanced features to take your watchlist, and your investing, to the next level.

Editorial note

Our insights are derived solely from historical information and analyst predictions, employing an impartial approach. Please note that our articles do not serve as financial guidance.