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Ticker Name Industry Market Cap
DRDGF 137.4m
CHYHY 12545M207 12.3b
JJJ.CA 37 Capital Inc 2.1m
FPLSF 5N Plus Inc 188.5m
VNP.CA 5N Plus Inc 251.3m
SXX.CA 66 Resources Inc 1.1m
RGDCF 92 Resources Corp 194.6k
NTY.CA 92 Resources Corp 2.6m
CATPF 99 Cap Corp 8.6m
AKS AK Steel Holding Corp Steel 845.7m
AMXEF AMEX Exploration 15.5m
AMX.CA AMEX Exploration Inc 20.7m
AME.CA Abacus Mining and Exploration 434.2k
ABCFF Abacus Mng & Expl Cp 3.3m
ABI.CA Abcourt Mines Inc 19.6m
ABMBF Abcourt Mines Inc Cl 14.7m
ABEPF Abe Resources Inc 6.1m
ABN.CA Aben Resources Ltd 1.6m
ABNAF Aben Resources Ltd 12.1m
AIBIF Abitibi Mining Corp. 2k
ATBYF Abitibi Royalties IN 9.7m
RZZ.CA Abitibi Royalties Inc 12.9m
ABRA.CA Abraplata Resource Corp 4.5m
ABBRF Abraplata Resource Corp 3.4m
ABZUF Abzu Gold Ltd 64.8k
ACAZF Acadian Timber 20m
ADN.CA Acadian Timber Corp 266.8m
ACSYF Accsys Technologies Plc 180.9m
ANIOY Acerinox Sa ADR 2.9b
ARRMF Acn 004 410 833 Ltd 293.2k
ATGVF Active Energy Group Plc 9.7m
ADMG Adamant Dri Processi Industrial Metals & Minerals 1.4m
ADZ.CA Adamera Minerals Corp 4.2m
ADKCF Adeka Corp 1.7b
ADBCF Adelaide Brighton Ltd 2.1b
ADLDY Adelaide Brighton Ltd. [Australia] ADR 2.1b
ADE.CA Adex Mining Inc 6.8m
ADXDF Adex Mining Inc 5.1m
ADFJF Adf Group Inc 26.9m
DRX.CA Adf Group Inc Sv 35.9m
ADMT Adm Tronics Unlimited Inc Diversified Industrials 11.3m
AAX.CA Advance Gold Corp 1.6m
ADVZF Advance Sct Ltd 41.7m
ADES Advanced Emissions Solutions Inc Pollution & Treatment Controls 222.9m
ADEXF Advanced Exploration 82k
ASIX Advansix Inc Chemicals 861.6m
AAL.CA Advantage Lithium Corp 8.5m
AVLIF Advantage Lithium Corp 63.9m
ADZN.CA Adventus Zinc Corp 55.5m
AEOMF Aeon Metals Ltd 109m
AFML Aerofoam Metals Inc 0000766
AET.CA Aethon Minerals Corporation 4.3m
AEX.CA Aex Gold Inc 16.5m
AFYG Affinity Gold Corp 2.3m
AFF.CA Affinity Metals Corp 1.7m
ABGLF African Barrick Gold Plc 943m
AGGFF African Gold Group I 6.8m
AGG.CA African Gold Group Inc 9m
AFMCF African Metals Corp 576k
AMLZF African Minerals Ltd 116.2k
AFRBY African Rainbow ADR 190.2m
FLMZF Aftermath Silver Ltd 132.7k
AAG-H.CA Aftermath Silver Ltd 1.8m
AEM.CA Agnico Eagle Mines Limited 12.2b
AEM Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd Gold 9.1b
ETPHF Agriminco Corp 49.5k
AGFS Agrofresh Solutions Agricultural Inputs 187.7m
AGRL.CA Aguia Resources Limited 23.5m
AGL.CA Aguila American Gold Ltd 687.1k
AEXE Aim Exploration Inc 145.8k
APD Air Products and Chemicals Chemicals 34.6b
AWTRF Air Water Inc 3.2b
BOS.CA Airboss America J 199.5m
ABSSF Airboss of America Corp 149.6m
AIS.CA Ais Resources Limited 4m