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United Kingdom

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Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
CC105 United Kingdom Consumer Confidence Financial Expectations Monthly
CC133 United Kingdom Consumer Confidence Major Purchases Expectations Monthly
CC32 United Kingdom Consumer Confidence Current Conditions Monthly
CC72 United Kingdom Consumer Confidence Economic Expectations Monthly
GBRIPS United Kingdom IP Addresses Quarterly
GBRKBPS United Kingdom Internet Speed Quarterly
GBRPREC United Kingdom Average Precipitation Monthly
GBRTEMP United Kingdom Average Temperature Monthly
GBR_SP.POP.TOTL United Kingdom Population Yearly
UNITEDKINCBIDISTRA United Kingdom CBI Distributive Trades Monthly
UNITEDKINCHU United Kingdom CPI Housing & Utilities Monthly
UNITEDKINCORPROPRI United Kingdom Core Producer Prices Monthly
UNITEDKINCRUOILRIG United Kingdom Crude Oil Rigs Monthly
UNITEDKINGOOTRABAL United Kingdom Goods Trade Balance Monthly
UNITEDKINHOMLOA United Kingdom Mortgage Lending Monthly
UNITEDKINLEAECOIND United Kingdom GDP 3-Month Average Monthly
UNITEDKINLENRAT United Kingdom Operational Standing Lending Facility Rate Monthly
UNITEDKINNATHOUPRI United Kingdom Nationwide Housing Prices Monthly
UNITEDKINPRIINV United Kingdom Business Investment Quarterly
UNITEDKINRETPRIIND United Kingdom Retail Price Index YoY Monthly
UNITEDKINRSEF United Kingdom Retail Sales Ex Fuel MoM Monthly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
EUR1UK United Kingdom Business Confidence Business Business Confidence Quarterly
GBRICBUSEASEXQ Ease of Doing Business in United Kingdom Business Ease of Doing Business Yearly
UKELECTRICITY United Kingdom Eletricity Production Business Electricity Production Monthly
UKIPIYOY United Kingdom Industrial Production Business Industrial Production Monthly
UKSTEEL United Kingdom Steel Production Business Steel Production Monthly
UNITEDKINBAN United Kingdom Bankruptcies Business Bankruptcies Quarterly
UNITEDKINCAPUTI United Kingdom Capacity Utilization Business Capacity Utilization Quarterly
UNITEDKINCARPRO United Kingdom Car Production Business Car Production Monthly
UNITEDKINCARREG United Kingdom Car Registrations Business Car Registrations Monthly
UNITEDKINCHAININV United Kingdom Changes in Inventories Business Changes in Inventories Quarterly
UNITEDKINCOMPMI United Kingdom Composite Pmi Business Composite Pmi Monthly
UNITEDKINCORPRO United Kingdom Corporate Profits Business Corporate Profits Quarterly
UNITEDKINFACORD United Kingdom CBI Industrial Trends Orders Business Factory Orders Monthly
UNITEDKININDPROMOM United Kingdom Industrial Production MoM Business Industrial Production Mom Monthly
UNITEDKINMANPMI United Kingdom Manufacturing PMI Business Manufacturing PMI Monthly
UNITEDKINMANPRO United Kingdom Manufacturing Production Business Manufacturing Production Monthly
UNITEDKINMINPRO United Kingdom Mining Production Business Mining Production Monthly
UNITEDKINNEWORD United Kingdom New Orders Business New Orders Quarterly
UNITEDKINSERPMI United Kingdom Services PMI Business Services PMI Monthly
UNITEDKINSMABUSSEN United Kingdom Small Business Sentiment Business Small Business Sentiment Quarterly
UNITEDKINZEWECOSENIN United Kingdom Zew Economic Sentiment Index Business Zew Economic Sentiment Index Monthly
UnitedKiComInd United Kingdom Competitiveness Index Business Competitiveness Index Yearly
UnitedKiComRan United Kingdom Competitiveness Rank Business Competitiveness Rank Yearly
UnitedKiCorInd United Kingdom Corruption Index Business Corruption Index Yearly
UnitedKiCorRan United Kingdom Corruption Rank Business Corruption Rank Yearly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
GBRRetailSalesMoM United Kingdom Retail Sales MoM Consumer Retail Sales MoM Monthly
GBRRetailSalesYoY United Kingdom Retail Sales YoY Consumer Retail Sales YoY Monthly
UKCCI United Kingdom Consumer Confidence Consumer Consumer Confidence Monthly
UNITEDKINBANLENRAT United Kingdom Prime Lending Rate Consumer Bank Lending Rate Monthly
UNITEDKINCONCRE United Kingdom Consumer Credit Consumer Consumer Credit Monthly
UNITEDKINCONSPE United Kingdom Consumer Spending Consumer Consumer Spending Quarterly
UNITEDKINDISPERINC United Kingdom Households Disposable Income Consumer Disposable Personal Income Quarterly
UNITEDKINHDTG United Kingdom Households Debt To GDP Consumer Households Debt To Gdp Quarterly
UNITEDKINHDTI United Kingdom Households Debt To Income Consumer Households Debt To Income Yearly
UNITEDKINPERSAV United Kingdom Household Saving Ratio Consumer Personal Savings Quarterly
UnitedKiGasPri United Kingdom Gasoline Prices Consumer Gasoline Prices Monthly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
GBRNYGDPPCAPKD United Kingdom GDP per capita GDP GDP per capita Yearly
GBRNYGDPPCAPPPCD United Kingdom GDP per capita PPP GDP GDP per capita PPP Yearly
UKGRYBZQ United Kingdom GDP Growth Rate GDP GDP Growth Rate Quarterly
UKGRYBZY United Kingdom GDP Annual Growth Rate GDP GDP Annual Growth Rate Quarterly
UNITEDKINGDPCONPRI United Kingdom GDP Constant Prices GDP GDP Constant Prices Quarterly
UNITEDKINGDPFROAGR United Kingdom GDP From Agriculture GDP GDP From Agriculture Quarterly
UNITEDKINGDPFROCON United Kingdom GDP From Construction GDP GDP From Construction Quarterly
UNITEDKINGDPFROMAN United Kingdom GDP From Manufacturing GDP GDP From Manufacturing Quarterly
UNITEDKINGDPFROMIN United Kingdom GDP From Mining GDP GDP From Mining Quarterly
UNITEDKINGDPFROSER United Kingdom GDP From Services GDP GDP From Services Quarterly
UNITEDKINGDPFROTRA United Kingdom GDP From Transport GDP GDP From Transport Quarterly
UNITEDKINGFPA United Kingdom GDP From Public Administration and Defence GDP GDP From Public Administration Quarterly
UNITEDKINGROFIXCAPFO United Kingdom Gross Fixed Capital Formation GDP Gross Fixed Capital Formation Quarterly
UNITEDKINGRONATPRO United Kingdom Gross National Income GDP Gross National Product Quarterly
WGDPUK United Kingdom GDP GDP GDP Yearly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
GBRDebt2GDP United Kingdom Public Sector Net Debt to GDP Government Government Debt to GDP Yearly
UNITEDKINGOVBUDVAL United Kingdom Public Sector Net Cash Requirement Government Government Budget Value Monthly
UNITEDKINGOVDEB United Kingdom Public Sector Net Borrowing Government Government Debt Monthly
UNITEDKINGOVREV United Kingdom Government Revenues Government Government Revenues Monthly
UNITEDKINGOVSPE United Kingdom Government Spending Government Government Spending Quarterly
UnitedKiAsyApp United Kingdom Asylum Applications Government Asylum Applications Monthly
UnitedKiGovSpetoGDP United Kingdom Public Sector Total Spending to GDP Government Government Spending to GDP Yearly
UnitedKiMil United Kingdom Military Expenditure Government Military Expenditure Yearly
WCSDGBR United Kingdom Government Budget Government Government Budget Yearly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
UNITEDKINCONORD United Kingdom Construction New Orders Housing Construction Orders Quarterly
UNITEDKINCONPMI United Kingdom Construction Pmi Housing Construction Pmi Monthly
UNITEDKINHOUIND United Kingdom House Price Index Housing Housing Index Monthly
UNITEDKINHOUSTA United Kingdom Housing Starts Housing Housing Starts Quarterly
UNITEDKINMORAPP United Kingdom Mortgage Approvals Housing Mortgage Approvals Monthly
UNITEDKINMORAPPLI United Kingdom UK Finance Mortgage Approvals Housing Mortgage Applications Monthly
UnitedKiHomOwnRat United Kingdom Home Ownership Rate Housing Home Ownership Rate yearly
UnitedKinConOut United Kingdom Construction Output Housing Construction Output Monthly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
UKUEILOR United Kingdom Unemployment Rate Labour Unemployment Rate Monthly
UNITEDKINAVEWEEHOU United Kingdom Average Weekly Hours Labour Average Weekly Hours Monthly
UNITEDKINCLACOUCHA United Kingdom Claimant Count Change Labour Claimant Count Change Monthly
UNITEDKINEMPCHA United Kingdom Employment Change Labour Employment Change Monthly
UNITEDKINEMPPER United Kingdom Employed Persons Labour Employed Persons Monthly
UNITEDKINEMPRAT United Kingdom Employment Rate Labour Employment Rate Monthly
UNITEDKINFULTIMEMP United Kingdom Full Time Employment Labour Full Time Employment Monthly
UNITEDKINJOBVAC United Kingdom Job Vacancies Labour Job Vacancies Monthly
UNITEDKINLABCOS United Kingdom Labour Costs Labour Labour Costs Quarterly
UNITEDKINLFPR United Kingdom Economic Activity Rate Labour Labor Force Participation Rate Monthly
UNITEDKINPARTIMEMP United Kingdom Part Time Employment Labour Part Time Employment Monthly
UNITEDKINPRO United Kingdom Productivity Labour Productivity Quarterly
UNITEDKINUNEPER United Kingdom Unemployed Persons Labour Unemployed Persons Monthly
UNITEDKINWAG United Kingdom Average Weekly Wages Labour Wages Monthly
UNITEDKINWAGGRO United Kingdom Average Weekly Earnings Growth Labour Wage Growth Monthly
UNITEDKINWAGINMAN United Kingdom Average Weekly Wages in Manufacturing Labour Wages in Manufacturing Monthly
UnitedKiLivWagFam United Kingdom Living Wage Family Labour Living Wage Family yearly
UnitedKiLivWagInd United Kingdom Living Wage Individual Labour Living Wage Individual yearly
UnitedKiLonTerUneRat United Kingdom Long Term Unemployment Rate Labour Long Term Unemployment Rate Quarterly
UnitedKiRetAgeMen United Kingdom Retirement Age - Men Labour Retirement Age Men Yearly
UnitedKiRetAgeWom United Kingdom Retirement Age - Women Labour Retirement Age Women Yearly
UnitedKiWagHigSki United Kingdom Wages High Skilled Labour Wages High Skilled yearly
UnitedKiWagLowSki United Kingdom Wages Low Skilled Labour Wages Low Skilled Yearly
UnitedKinMinWag United Kingdom Gross Minimum Hourly Wage Labour Minimum Wages Yearly
UnitedKinYouUneRat United Kingdom Youth Unemployment Rate Labour Youth Unemployment Rate Monthly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
GBRFRINRDPST United Kingdom Operational Standing Deposit Facility Rate Money Deposit Interest Rate Monthly
UKBRBASE United Kingdom Interest Rate Money Interest Rate Daily
UNITEDKINBANBALSHE United Kingdom Banks Balance Sheet Money Banks Balance Sheet Monthly
UNITEDKINCENBANBALSH United Kingdom Central Bank Balance Sheet Money Central Bank Balance Sheet Weekly
UNITEDKINFOREXCRES United Kingdom Foreign Exchange Reserves Money Foreign Exchange Reserves Monthly
UNITEDKININTRAT British Pound LIBOR Three Month Rate Money Interbank Rate Daily
UNITEDKINLOATOPRISEC United Kingdom Loans to Private Sector Money Loans to Private Sector Quarterly
UNITEDKINMONSUPM0 United Kingdom Money Supply M0 Money Money Supply M0 Monthly
UNITEDKINMONSUPM1 United Kingdom Money Supply M1 Money Money Supply M1 Monthly
UNITEDKINMONSUPM2 United Kingdom Money Supply M2 Money Money Supply M2 Monthly
UNITEDKINMONSUPM3 United Kingdom Money Supply M3 Money Money Supply M3 Monthly
UnitedKiPriDebtoGDP United Kingdom Private Debt to GDP Money Private Debt to GDP Yearly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
GBRCORECPIRATE United Kingdom Core Inflation Rate Prices Core Inflation Rate Monthly
UKRPCJYR United Kingdom Inflation Rate Prices Inflation Rate Monthly
UNITEDKINCONPRIINDCP United Kingdom Consumer Price Index (CPI) Prices Consumer Price Index CPI Monthly
UNITEDKINCORCONPRI United Kingdom Core Consumer Prices Prices Core Consumer Prices Monthly
UNITEDKINCPITRA United Kingdom CPI Transportation Prices Cpi Transportation Monthly
UNITEDKINEXPPRI United Kingdom Export Prices Prices Export Prices Monthly
UNITEDKINFOOINF United Kingdom Food Inflation Prices Food Inflation Monthly
UNITEDKINGDPDEF United Kingdom GDP Deflator Prices GDP Deflator Quarterly
UNITEDKINHARCONPRI United Kingdom Harmonised Consumer Prices Prices Harmonised Consumer Prices Monthly
UNITEDKINIMPPRI United Kingdom Import Prices Prices Import Prices Monthly
UNITEDKININFEXP United Kingdom Inflation Expectations Prices Inflation Expectations Monthly
UNITEDKININFRATMOM United Kingdom Inflation Rate MoM Prices Inflation Rate Mom Monthly
UNITEDKINPROPRI United Kingdom Producer Prices Prices Producer Prices Monthly
UNITEDKINPROPRICHA United Kingdom Producer Prices Change Prices Producer Prices Change Monthly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
GBRCORPTAX United Kingdom Corporate Tax Rate Taxes Corporate Tax Rate Yearly
GBRIRSTAX United Kingdom Personal Income Tax Rate Taxes Personal Income Tax Rate Yearly
GBRSALESTAX United Kingdom Sales Tax Rate - VAT Taxes Sales Tax Rate Yearly
GBRSSR United Kingdom Social Security Rate Taxes Social Security Rate Yearly
GBRSSRC United Kingdom Social Security Rate For Companies Taxes Social Security Rate For Companies Yearly
GBRSSRE United Kingdom Social Security Rate For Employees Taxes Social Security Rate For Employees Yearly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
GBRCA2GDP United Kingdom Current Account to GDP Trade Current Account to GDP Yearly
UKCA United Kingdom Current Account Trade Current Account Quarterly
UKTBTTBA United Kingdom Balance of Trade Trade Balance of Trade Monthly
UKTBTTEX United Kingdom Exports Trade Exports Monthly
UKTBTTIM United Kingdom Imports Trade Imports Monthly
UNITEDKINCAPFLO United Kingdom Capital Flows Trade Capital Flows Quarterly
UNITEDKINCRUOILPRO United Kingdom Crude Oil Production Trade Crude Oil Production Monthly
UNITEDKINEXTDEB United Kingdom Gross External Debt Trade External Debt Quarterly
UNITEDKINFORDIRINV United Kingdom Net Foreign Direct Investment Trade Foreign Direct Investment Quarterly
UNITEDKINGOLRES United Kingdom Gold Reserves Trade Gold Reserves Quarterly
UNITEDKINTEROFTRA United Kingdom Terms of Trade Trade Terms of Trade Monthly
UNITEDKINTOUARR United Kingdom Tourist Arrivals Trade Tourist Arrivals Monthly
UNITEDKINTOUREV United Kingdom Tourism Revenues Trade Tourism Revenues Monthly
UnitedKiTerInd United Kingdom Terrorism Index Trade Terrorism Index Yearly
UnitedKiWeaSal United Kingdom Weapons Sales Trade Weapons Sales Yearly