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Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
MEXICOCPIHOUUTI Mexico Cpi Housing Utilities Monthly
MEXICOINFEXP Mexico Inflation Expectations Monthly
MEXICOPROPRICHA Mexico Producer Prices Change Monthly
MEXIPS Mexico IP Addresses Quarterly
MEXKBPS Mexico Internet Speed Quarterly
MEXPREC Mexico Average Precipitation Monthly
MEXTEMP Mexico Average Temperature Monthly
MEX_SP.POP.TOTL Mexico Population Yearly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
MEXICBUSEASEXQ Ease of Doing Business in Mexico Business Ease of Doing Business Yearly
MEXICOCAPUTI Mexico Capacity Utilization Business Capacity Utilization Monthly
MEXICOCARPRO Mexico Car Production Business Car Production Monthly
MEXICOCARREG Mexico Domestic Car Sales Business Car Registrations Monthly
MEXICOCHAININV Mexico Changes in Inventories Business Changes in Inventories Quarterly
MEXICOINDPROMOM Mexico Industrial Production MoM Business Industrial Production Mom Monthly
MEXICOLEAECOIND Mexico Overall Index of Economic Activity Business Leading Economic Index Monthly
MEXICOMANPMI Mexico Manufacturing PMI Business Manufacturing PMI Monthly
MEXICOMANPRO Mexico Manufacturing Production Business Manufacturing Production Monthly
MEXICOMINPRO Mexico Mining Production Business Mining Production Monthly
MEXICOPRIINV Mexico Gross Fixed Investment Business Private Investment Monthly
MEXICOTOTVEHSAL Mexico Total Vehicle Sales Business Total Vehicle Sales Monthly
MXIPTYOY Mexico Industrial Production Business Industrial Production Monthly
MXSTEEL Mexico Steel Production Business Steel Production Monthly
MexicoBC Mexico Business Confidence Business Business Confidence Monthly
MexicoComInd Mexico Competitiveness Index Business Competitiveness Index Yearly
MexicoComRan Mexico Competitiveness Rank Business Competitiveness Rank Yearly
MexicoCorInd Mexico Corruption Index Business Corruption Index Yearly
MexicoCorRan Mexico Corruption Rank Business Corruption Rank Yearly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
MEXICOCONCRE Mexico Consumer Credit Consumer Consumer Credit Quarterly
MEXICOCONSPE Mexico Consumer Spending Consumer Consumer Spending Quarterly
MEXICOHDTG Mexico Households Debt To GDP Consumer Households Debt To Gdp Quarterly
MEXICOPERSAV Mexico Personal Savings Consumer Personal Savings Yearly
MEXICOPRISECCRE Mexico Private Sector Credit Consumer Private Sector Credit Monthly
MEXRetailSalesMoM Mexico Retail Sales MoM Consumer Retail Sales MoM Monthly
MEXRetailSalesYoY Mexico Retail Sales YoY Consumer Retail Sales YoY Monthly
MXCFCONF Mexico Consumer Confidence Consumer Consumer Confidence Monthly
MexicoGasPri Mexico Gasoline Prices Consumer Gasoline Prices Monthly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
MEXICOGDPCONPRI Mexico GDP Constant Prices GDP GDP Constant Prices Quarterly
MEXICOGDPFROAGR Mexico GDP From Agriculture GDP GDP From Agriculture Quarterly
MEXICOGDPFROCON Mexico GDP From Construction GDP GDP From Construction Quarterly
MEXICOGDPFROMAN Mexico GDP From Manufacturing GDP GDP From Manufacturing Quarterly
MEXICOGDPFROMIN Mexico GDP From Mining GDP GDP From Mining Quarterly
MEXICOGDPFROSER Mexico GDP From Services GDP GDP From Services Quarterly
MEXICOGDPFROTRA Mexico GDP From Transport GDP GDP From Transport Quarterly
MEXICOGDPFROUTI Mexico GDP From Utilities GDP GDP From Utilities Quarterly
MEXICOGFPA Mexico GDP From Public Administration GDP GDP From Public Administration Quarterly
MEXICOGROFIXCAPFOR Mexico Gross Fixed Capital Formation GDP Gross Fixed Capital Formation Quarterly
MEXNYGDPPCAPKD Mexico GDP per capita GDP GDP per capita Yearly
MEXNYGDPPCAPPPCD Mexico GDP per capita PPP GDP GDP per capita PPP Yearly
MXGCTOT Mexico GDP Annual Growth Rate GDP GDP Annual Growth Rate Quarterly
MXGPQTR Mexico GDP Growth Rate GDP GDP Growth Rate Quarterly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
2738A38 Mexico Government Budget Government Government Budget Yearly
MEXDebt2GDP Mexico Government Debt to GDP Government Government Debt to GDP Yearly
MEXICOFISEXP Mexico Fiscal Expenditure Government Fiscal Expenditure Monthly
MEXICOGOVBUDVAL Mexico Government Budget Value Government Government Budget Value Monthly
MEXICOGOVREV Mexico Government Revenues Government Government Revenues Monthly
MEXICOGOVSPE Mexico Government Spending Government Government Spending Quarterly
MexicoMil Mexico Military Expenditure Government Military Expenditure Yearly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
MEXICOCONOUT Mexico Construction Output Housing Construction Output Monthly
MEXICOHOMOWNRAT Mexico Home Ownership Rate Housing Home Ownership Rate Yearly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
MEXICOEMPPER Mexico Employed Persons Labour Employed Persons Quarterly
MEXICOEMPRAT Mexico Employment Rate Labour Employment Rate Monthly
MEXICOLABCOS Mexico Labour Costs Labour Labour Costs Monthly
MEXICOLFPR Mexico Labor Force Participation Rate Labour Labor Force Participation Rate Monthly
MEXICOMINWAG Mexico Minimum Daily Wage Labour Minimum Wages Monthly
MEXICOPRO Mexico Productivity Labour Productivity Monthly
MEXICOUNEPER Mexico Unemployed Persons Labour Unemployed Persons Quarterly
MEXICOWAG Mexico Average Daily Wages Labour Wages Monthly
MEXICOWAGINMAN Mexico Nominal Hourly Wages in Manufacturing Labour Wages in Manufacturing Monthly
MXUEUNSA Mexico Unemployment Rate Labour Unemployment Rate Monthly
MexicoLivWagFam Mexico Living Wage Family Labour Living Wage Family yearly
MexicoLivWagInd Mexico Living Wage Individual Labour Living Wage Individual yearly
MexicoRetAgeMen Mexico Retirement Age - Men Labour Retirement Age Men Yearly
MexicoRetAgeWom Mexico Retirement Age - Women Labour Retirement Age Women Yearly
MexicoWagHigSki Mexico Wages High Skilled Labour Wages High Skilled yearly
MexicoWagLowSki Mexico Wages Low Skilled Labour Wages Low Skilled yearly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
MEXFRINRDPST Deposit Interest Rate in Mexico Money Deposit Interest Rate Yearly
MEXICOBANBALSHE Mexico Banks Balance Sheet Money Banks Balance Sheet Monthly
MEXICOCENBANBALSHE Mexico Central Bank Balance Sheet Money Central Bank Balance Sheet Monthly
MEXICOFOREXCRES Mexico Foreign Exchange Reserves Money Foreign Exchange Reserves Monthly
MEXICOINTRAT Mexico 28 Days Interbank Rate Money Interbank Rate Monthly
MEXICOLOATOPRISEC Mexico Loans to Private Sector Money Loans to Private Sector Monthly
MEXICOMONSUPM0 Mexico Money Supply M0 Money Money Supply M0 Monthly
MEXICOMONSUPM1 Mexico Money Supply M1 Money Money Supply M1 Monthly
MEXICOMONSUPM2 Mexico Money Supply M2 Money Money Supply M2 Monthly
MEXICOMONSUPM3 Mexico Money Supply M3 Money Money Supply M3 Monthly
MXONBR Mexico Interest Rate Money Interest Rate Daily


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
MEXCORECPIRATE Mexico Core Inflation Rate Prices Core Inflation Rate Monthly
MEXICOCONPRIINDCPI Mexico Consumer Price Index (CPI) Prices Consumer Price Index CPI Monthly
MEXICOCORCONPRI Mexico Core Consumer Prices Prices Core Consumer Prices Monthly
MEXICOCPITRA Mexico CPI Transportation Prices Cpi Transportation Monthly
MEXICOEXPPRI Mexico Export Prices Prices Export Prices Monthly
MEXICOFOOINF Mexico Food Inflation Prices Food Inflation Monthly
MEXICOGDPDEF Mexico GDP Deflator Prices GDP Deflator Quarterly
MEXICOIMPPRI Mexico Import Prices Prices Import Prices Monthly
MEXICOINFRATMOM Mexico Inflation Rate MoM Prices Inflation Rate Mom Monthly
MEXICOPROPRI Mexico Producer Prices Prices Producer Prices Monthly
MXCPYOY Mexico Inflation Rate Prices Inflation Rate Monthly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
MEXCORPTAX Mexico Corporate Tax Rate Taxes Corporate Tax Rate Yearly
MEXIRSTAX Mexico Personal Income Tax Rate Taxes Personal Income Tax Rate Yearly
MEXSALESTAX Mexico Sales Tax Rate - VAT Taxes Sales Tax Rate Yearly
MEXSSR Mexico Social Security Rate Taxes Social Security Rate Yearly
MEXSSRC Mexico Social Security Rate For Companies Taxes Social Security Rate For Companies Yearly
MEXSSRE Mexico Social Security Rate For Employees Taxes Social Security Rate For Employees Yearly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
MEXCA2GDP Mexico Current Account to GDP Trade Current Account to GDP Yearly
MEXICOCAPFLO Mexico Capital Account Trade Capital Flows Quarterly
MEXICOCRUOILPRO Mexico Crude Oil Production Trade Crude Oil Production Monthly
MEXICOEXTDEB Mexico Total External Debt Trade External Debt Quarterly
MEXICOFORDIRINV Mexico Foreign Direct Investment Trade Foreign Direct Investment Quarterly
MEXICOGOLRES Mexico Gold Reserves Trade Gold Reserves Quarterly
MEXICOREM Mexico Remittances Trade Remittances Quarterly
MEXICOTEROFTRA Mexico Terms of Trade Trade Terms of Trade Monthly
MEXICOTOUARR Mexico Tourist Arrivals Trade Tourist Arrivals Monthly
MEXICOTOUREV Mexico Tourism Revenues Trade Tourism Revenues Monthly
MXTBBAL Mexico Balance of Trade Trade Balance of Trade Monthly
MXTBBEXP Mexico Exports Trade Exports Monthly
MXTBBIMP Mexico Imports Trade Imports Monthly
MexicoTerInd Mexico Terrorism Index Trade Terrorism Index Yearly
OEMXB039 Mexico Current Account Trade Current Account Quarterly