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Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
CC07 China Consumer Confidence Current Conditions Monthly
CC40 China Consumer Confidence Economic Expectations Monthly
CHINACAPUTI China Industrial Capacity Utilization Quarterly
CHINANEWHOMSAL China Sales Value of Commercial Residential Buildings Monthly
CHINATOUREV China Tourism Revenues Yearly
CHNIPS China IP Addresses Quarterly
CHNKBPS China Internet Speed Quarterly
CHNPREC China Average Precipitation Monthly
CHNTEMP China Average Temperature Monthly
CHN_SP.POP.TOTL China Population Yearly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
CHBUBCIN China NBS Manufacturing PMI Business Business Confidence Monthly
CHINACARPRO China Car Production Business Car Production Monthly
CHINACARREG China Passenger Car Sales Business Car Registrations Monthly
CHINACEMPRO China Cement Production Business Cement Production Monthly
CHINACHAININV China Changes in Inventories Business Changes in Inventories Yearly
CHINACOMPMI China Composite Pmi Business Composite Pmi Monthly
CHINACORPRO China Total Industrial Profits Business Corporate Profits Monthly
CHINAELEPRO China Electricity Production Business Electricity Production Monthly
CHINAINDPROMOM China Industrial Production Mom Business Industrial Production Mom Monthly
CHINALEAECOIND China Leading Economic Index Business Leading Economic Index Monthly
CHINAMANPMI China Caixin Manufacturing PMI Business Manufacturing PMI Monthly
CHINAMANPRO China Manufacturing Production Business Manufacturing Production Monthly
CHINAMINPRO China Mining Production Business Mining Production Monthly
CHINAMNIBUSSEN MNI China Business Sentiment Indicator Business Mni Business Sentiment Monthly
CHINANEWORD China New Orders Business New Orders Monthly
CHINANONMANPMI China Non Manufacturing PMI Business Non Manufacturing PMI Monthly
CHINASERPMI China Services PMI Business Services PMI Monthly
CHINATOTVEHSAL China Total Vehicle Sales Business Total Vehicle Sales Monthly
CHNICBUSEASEXQ Ease of Doing Business in China Business Ease of Doing Business Yearly
CHSTEEL China Steel Production Business Steel Production Monthly
CHVAIOY China Industrial Production Business Industrial Production Monthly
ChinaComInd China Competitiveness Index Business Competitiveness Index Yearly
ChinaComRan China Competitiveness Rank Business Competitiveness Rank Yearly
ChinaCorInd China Corruption Index Business Corruption Index Yearly
ChinaCorRan China Corruption Rank Business Corruption Rank Yearly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
CHCSCONF China Consumer Confidence Consumer Consumer Confidence Monthly
CHINABANLENRAT China Prime Lending Rate Consumer Bank Lending Rate Monthly
CHINACONCRE China Consumer Credit Consumer Consumer Credit Monthly
CHINACONSPE China Consumer Spending Consumer Consumer Spending Yearly
CHINADISPERINC China Disposable Income per Capita Consumer Disposable Personal Income Yearly
CHINAGASPRI China Gasoline Prices Consumer Gasoline Prices Monthly
CHINAHDTG China Households Debt To GDP Consumer Households Debt To Gdp Quarterly
CHINAMNICONSEN China Westpac MNI Consumer Sentiment Indicator Consumer Mni Consumer Sentiment Monthly
CHINAPERSAV China Net Household Saving Rate Consumer Personal Savings Yearly
CHNRetailSalesMoM China Retail Sales MoM Consumer Retail Sales MoM Monthly
CHNRetailSalesYoY China Retail Sales YoY Consumer Retail Sales YoY Monthly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
CHINAGDPCONPRI China GDP Current Prices GDP GDP Constant Prices Quarterly
CHINAGDPFROAGR China GDP From Agriculture/ Primary Industry GDP GDP From Agriculture Quarterly
CHINAGDPFROCON China GDP From Construction GDP GDP From Construction Quarterly
CHINAGDPFROMAN China GDP From Industry GDP GDP From Manufacturing Quarterly
CHINAGDPFROSER China GDP Tertiary Industry GDP GDP From Services Quarterly
CHINAGDPFROTRA China GDP From Transport GDP GDP From Transport Quarterly
CHINAGROFIXCAPFOR China Gross Fixed Capital Formation GDP Gross Fixed Capital Formation Yearly
CHINAGRONATPRO China Gross National Product GDP Gross National Product Yearly
CHNNYGDPPCAPKD China GDP per capita GDP GDP per capita Yearly
CHNNYGDPPCAPPPCD China GDP per capita PPP GDP GDP per capita PPP Yearly
CNGDPQOQ China GDP Growth Rate GDP GDP Growth Rate Quarterly
CNGDPYOY China GDP Annual Growth Rate GDP GDP Annual Growth Rate Quarterly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
CHINAFISEXP China Fiscal Expenditure Government Fiscal Expenditure Monthly
CHINAGOVBUDVAL China Government Budget Value Government Government Budget Value Monthly
CHINAGOVREV China Government Revenues Government Government Revenues Monthly
CHINAGOVSPE China Government Spending Government Government Spending Yearly
CHNDebt2GDP China Government Debt to GDP Government Government Debt to GDP Yearly
ChinaMil China Military Expenditure Government Military Expenditure Yearly
WCSDCHN China Government Budget Government Government Budget Yearly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
CHINAHOMOWNRAT China Home Ownership Rate Housing Home Ownership Rate Yearly
CHINAHOUIND China Newly Built House Prices YoY Change Housing Housing Index Monthly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
CHINAEMPPER China Employed Persons Labour Employed Persons Yearly
CHINAJOBVAC China Job Vacancies Labour Job Vacancies Quarterly
CHINALABCOS China Labour Costs Labour Labour Costs Quarterly
CHINAMINWAG China Minimum Monthly Wages Labour Minimum Wages Yearly
CHINARETAGEMEN China Retirement Age - Men Labour Retirement Age Men Yearly
CHINARETAGEWOM China Retirement Age - Women Labour Retirement Age Women Yearly
CHINAUNEPER China Unemployed Persons Labour Unemployed Persons Quarterly
CHINAWAG China Average Yearly Wages Labour Wages Yearly
CHINAWAGINMAN China Average Yearly Wages in Manufacturing Labour Wages in Manufacturing Yearly
CNUERATE China Unemployment Rate Labour Unemployment Rate Quarterly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
CHINABANBALSHE China New Yuan Loans Money Banks Balance Sheet Monthly
CHINACASRESRAT China Cash Reserve Ratio Big Banks Money Cash Reserve Ratio Monthly
CHINACENBANBALSHE China Central Bank Balance Sheet Money Central Bank Balance Sheet Monthly
CHINAFIXASSINV China Fixed Asset Investment Money Fixed Asset Investment Monthly
CHINAFOREXCRES China Foreign Exchange Reserves Money Foreign Exchange Reserves Monthly
CHINAINTRAT China Three Month Interbank Rate Money Interbank Rate Daily
CHINALOAGRO China Outstanding Yuan Loan Growth Money Loan Growth Monthly
CHINALOATOBAN China Loans To Banks Money Loans To Banks Monthly
CHINALOATOPRISEC China Total Social Financing Money Loans to Private Sector Monthly
CHINAMONSUPM0 China Money Supply M0 Money Money Supply M0 Monthly
CHINAMONSUPM1 China Money Supply M1 Money Money Supply M1 Monthly
CHINAMONSUPM2 China Money Supply M2 Money Money Supply M2 Monthly
CHINAREVREPRAT China 7-Day Reverse Repo Rate Money Reverse Repo Rate Monthly
CHLR12M China Interest Rate Money Interest Rate Daily
CHNFRINRDPST Current Deposit Interest Rate in China Money Deposit Interest Rate Monthly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
CHINACONPRIINDCPI China Consumer Price Index (CPI) Prices Consumer Price Index CPI Monthly
CHINACORCONPRI China Core Consumer Prices Prices Core Consumer Prices Monthly
CHINACORINFRAT China Core Inflation Rate Prices Core Inflation Rate Monthly
CHINAEXPPRI China Export Prices Prices Export Prices Monthly
CHINAFOOINF China Food Inflation Prices Food Inflation Monthly
CHINAGDPDEF China GDP Deflator Prices GDP Deflator Yearly
CHINAIMPPRI China Import Prices Prices Import Prices Monthly
CHINAINFRATMOM China Inflation Rate MoM Prices Inflation Rate Mom Monthly
CHINAPROPRI China Producer Prices Prices Producer Prices Monthly
CHINAPROPRICHA China Producer Prices Change Prices Producer Prices Change Monthly
CNCPIYOY China Inflation Rate Prices Inflation Rate Monthly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
CHINASOCSECRAT China Social Security Rate Taxes Social Security Rate Yearly
CHINASOCSECRATFORCOM China Social Security Rate For Companies Taxes Social Security Rate For Companies Yearly
CHINASOCSECRATFOREMP China Social Security Rate For Employees Taxes Social Security Rate For Employees Yearly
CHNCORPTAX China Corporate Tax Rate Taxes Corporate Tax Rate Yearly
CHNIRSTAX China Personal Income Tax Rate Taxes Personal Income Tax Rate Yearly
CHNSALESTAX China Sales Tax Rate - VAT Taxes Sales Tax Rate Yearly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
CHCURENT China Current Account Trade Current Account Quarterly
CHEXPINDA China Exports to India Trade Exports to India Monthly
CHINACAPFLO China Capital Flows Trade Capital Flows Quarterly
CHINACRUOILPRO China Crude Oil Production Trade Crude Oil Production Monthly
CHINAEXTDEB China Gross External Debt Trade External Debt Yearly
CHINAFORDIRINV China Foreign Direct Investment Trade Foreign Direct Investment Monthly
CHINAGOLRES China Gold Reserves Trade Gold Reserves Quarterly
CHINATEROFTRA China Terms of Trade Trade Terms of Trade Monthly
CHINATOUARR China Tourist Arrivals Trade Tourist Arrivals Yearly
CHNCA2GDP China Current Account to GDP Trade Current Account to GDP Yearly
CNFRBALD China Balance of Trade Trade Balance of Trade Monthly
CNFREXPD China Exports Trade Exports Monthly
CNFRIMPD China Imports Trade Imports Monthly
ChinaTerInd China Terrorism Index Trade Terrorism Index Yearly
ChinaWeaSal China Weapons Sales Trade Weapons Sales Yearly