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Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
CANADAADPEMPCHA Canada ADP Employment Change Monthly
CANADAAVEHOUEAR Canada Average Hourly Wages of Permanent Employees Monthly
CANADACHU Canada CPI Shelter Monthly
CANADACRUOILRIG Canada Crude Oil Rigs Monthly
CANADAGOVDEB Canada Government Debt Yearly
CANADAMANSAL Canada Manufacturing Sales MoM Monthly
CANADAWAGGRO Canada Average Weekly Earnings YoY Monthly
CANADAWHOPRI Canada Raw Materials Prices Monthly
CANADAWHOSAL Canada Wholesale Sales MoM Monthly
CANIPS Canada IP Addresses Quarterly
CANKBPS Canada Internet Speed Quarterly
CANPREC Canada Average Precipitation Monthly
CANTEMP Canada Average Temperature Monthly
CAN_SP.POP.TOTL Canada Population Yearly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
CAIPYOY Canada Industrial Production Business Industrial Production Monthly
CANADABAN Canada Bankruptcies Business Bankruptcies Monthly
CANADACAPUTI Canada Capacity Utilization Business Capacity Utilization Quarterly
CANADACARREG Canada New Motor Vehicle Sales Business Car Registrations Monthly
CANADACHAININV Canada Changes in Inventories Business Changes in Inventories Quarterly
CANADACORPRO Canada Corporate Profits Business Corporate Profits Quarterly
CANADAINDPROMOM Canada Industrial Production MoM Business Industrial Production Mom Monthly
CANADALEAECOIND Canada GDP MoM Business Leading Economic Index Monthly
CANADAMANPMI Canada Manufacturing PMI Business Manufacturing PMI Monthly
CANADAMANPRO Canada Manufacturing Production Business Manufacturing Production Monthly
CANADAMINPRO Canada Mining Production Business Mining Production Monthly
CANADANEWORD Canada New Orders Business New Orders Monthly
CANICBUSEASEXQ Ease of Doing Business in Canada Business Ease of Doing Business Yearly
CNSTEEL Canada Steel Production Business Steel Production Monthly
CanadaComInd Canada Competitiveness Index Business Competitiveness Index Yearly
CanadaComRan Canada Competitiveness Rank Business Competitiveness Rank Yearly
CanadaCorInd Canada Corruption Index Business Corruption Index Yearly
CanadaCorRan Canada Corruption Rank Business Corruption Rank Yearly
IVEY Canada Business Confidence Business Business Confidence Monthly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
CANADABANLENRAT Canada Chartered Banks Prime Lending Rate Consumer Bank Lending Rate Monthly
CANADACONCRE Canada Consumer Credit Consumer Consumer Credit Monthly
CANADACONSPE Canada Consumer Spending Consumer Consumer Spending Quarterly
CANADADISPERINC Canada Disposable Personal Income Consumer Disposable Personal Income Quarterly
CANADAGASPRI Canada Gasoline Prices Consumer Gasoline Prices Monthly
CANADAHDTG Canada Households Debt To GDP Consumer Households Debt To Gdp Quarterly
CANADAHDTI Canada Households Credit Market Debt to Disposable Income Consumer Households Debt To Income Quarterly
CANADAPERSAV Canada Household Saving Rate Consumer Personal Savings Quarterly
CANADAPRISECCRE Canada Private Sector Credit Consumer Private Sector Credit Monthly
CANADARETSALEXAUT Canada Retail Sales Ex Autos MoM Consumer Retail Sales Ex Autos Monthly
CANRetailSalesMoM Canada Retail Sales MoM Consumer Retail Sales MoM Monthly
CannadaRetsYoY Canada Retail Sales YoY Consumer Retail Sales YoY Monthly
OECAI001 Canada Consumer Confidence Consumer Consumer Confidence Monthly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
CANADAGDPCONPRI Canada GDP Constant Prices GDP GDP Constant Prices Quarterly
CANADAGDPFROAGR Canada GDP From Agriculture GDP GDP From Agriculture Monthly
CANADAGDPFROCON Canada GDP From Construction GDP GDP From Construction Monthly
CANADAGDPFROMAN Canada GDP From Manufacturing GDP GDP From Manufacturing Monthly
CANADAGDPFROMIN Canada GDP From Mining GDP GDP From Mining Monthly
CANADAGDPFROSER Canada GDP From Services GDP GDP From Services Monthly
CANADAGDPFROTRA Canada GDP From Transport GDP GDP From Transport Monthly
CANADAGDPFROUTI Canada GDP From Utilities GDP GDP From Utilities Monthly
CANADAGDPGROANN Canada GDP Growth Annualized GDP GDP Growth Annualized Quarterly
CANADAGFPA Canada GDP From Public Administration GDP GDP From Public Administration Monthly
CANADAGROFIXCAPFOR Canada Gross Fixed Capital Formation GDP Gross Fixed Capital Formation Quarterly
CANADAGRONATPRO Canada Gross National Product GDP Gross National Product Quarterly
CANNYGDPPCAPKD Canada GDP per capita GDP GDP per capita Yearly
CANNYGDPPCAPPPCD Canada GDP per capita PPP GDP GDP per capita PPP Yearly
CGE9QOQ Canada GDP Growth Rate GDP GDP Growth Rate Quarterly
CGE9YOY Canada GDP Annual Growth Rate GDP GDP Annual Growth Rate Quarterly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
CANADAASYAPP Canada Asylum Applications Government Asylum Applications Monthly
CANADAFISEXP Canada Fiscal Expenditure Government Fiscal Expenditure Monthly
CANADAGOVBUDVAL Canada Government Budget Value Government Government Budget Value Monthly
CANADAGOVREV Canada Government Revenues Government Government Revenues Monthly
CANADAGOVSPE Canada Government Spending Government Government Spending Quarterly
CANDebt2GDP Canada Government Gross Debt to GDP Government Government Debt to GDP Yearly
CATGBDSD Canada Government Budget Government Government Budget Yearly
CanadaMil Canada Military Expenditure Government Military Expenditure Yearly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
CANADABUIPER Canada Value of Building Permits Housing Building Permits Monthly
CANADAHOUIND Canada New Housing Price Index Housing Housing Index Monthly
CANADAHOUSTA Canada Housing Starts Housing Housing Starts Monthly
CanadaHomOwnRat Canada Home Ownership Rate Housing Home Ownership Rate yearly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
CANADAEMPCHA Canada Employment Change Labour Employment Change Monthly
CANADAEMPPER Canada Employed Persons Labour Employed Persons Monthly
CANADAEMPRAT Canada Employment Rate Labour Employment Rate Monthly
CANADAFULTIMEMP Canada Full Time Employment Change Labour Full Time Employment Monthly
CANADAJOBVAC Canada Job Vacancies Labour Job Vacancies Quarterly
CANADALABCOS Canada Labour Costs Labour Labour Costs Quarterly
CANADALABFORPARRAT Canada Labor Force Participation Rate Labour Labor Force Participation Rate Monthly
CANADAMINWAG Canada Minimum Hourly Wages in Ontario Labour Minimum Wages Yearly
CANADANONFARPAY Canada Non Farm Payrolls Labour Non Farm Payrolls Monthly
CANADAPARTIMEMP Canada Part Time Employment Change Labour Part Time Employment Monthly
CANADAPRO Canada Productivity Labour Productivity Quarterly
CANADAUNEPER Canada Unemployed Persons Labour Unemployed Persons Monthly
CANADAWAG Canada Average Hourly Wages Labour Wages Monthly
CANADAWAGINMAN Canada Average Hourly Wages in Manufacturing Labour Wages in Manufacturing Monthly
CANADAYOUUNERAT Canada Youth Unemployment Rate Labour Youth Unemployment Rate Monthly
CANLXEMR Canada Unemployment Rate Labour Unemployment Rate Monthly
CanadaLivWagFam Canada Living Wage Family Labour Living Wage Family yearly
CanadaLivWagInd Canada Living Wage Individual Labour Living Wage Individual yearly
CanadaRetAgeMen Canada Retirement Age - Men Labour Retirement Age Men Yearly
CanadaRetAgeWom Canada Retirement Age - Women Labour Retirement Age Women Yearly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
CANADABANBALSHE Canada Banks Balance Sheet Money Banks Balance Sheet Monthly
CANADACENBANBALSHE Canada Central Bank Balance Sheet Money Central Bank Balance Sheet Monthly
CANADAFOREXCRES Canada Foreign Exchange Reserves Money Foreign Exchange Reserves Monthly
CANADAFORSTOINV Canada Foreign Stock Investment Money Foreign Stock Investment Monthly
CANADAINTRAT Canada Three Month Interbank Rate (Cidor) Money Interbank Rate Daily
CANADALOATOPRISEC Canada Loans to Private Sector Money Loans to Private Sector Monthly
CANADAMONSUPM0 Canada Money Supply M0 Money Money Supply M0 Monthly
CANADAMONSUPM1 Canada Money Supply M1 Money Money Supply M1 Monthly
CANADAMONSUPM2 Canada Money Supply M2 Money Money Supply M2 Monthly
CANADAMONSUPM3 Canada Money Supply M3 Money Money Supply M3 Monthly
CANFRINRDPST Deposit Interest Rate in Canada Money Deposit Interest Rate daily
CCLR Canada Interest Rate Money Interest Rate Daily
CanadaPriDebtoGDP Canada Private Debt to GDP Money Private Debt to GDP Yearly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
CACPIYOY Canada Inflation Rate Prices Inflation Rate Monthly
CANADACONPRIINDCPI Canada Consumer Price Index (CPI) Prices Consumer Price Index CPI Monthly
CANADACORCONPRI Canada Core Consumer Prices Prices Core Consumer Prices Monthly
CANADACPITRA Canada CPI Transportation Prices Cpi Transportation Monthly
CANADAEXPPRI Canada Export Prices Prices Export Prices Monthly
CANADAFOOINF Canada Food Inflation Prices Food Inflation Monthly
CANADAGDPDEF Canada GDP Deflator Prices GDP Deflator Quarterly
CANADAIMPPRI Canada Import Prices Prices Import Prices Monthly
CANADAINFRATMOM Canada Inflation Rate MoM Prices Inflation Rate Mom Monthly
CANADAPROPRI Canada Producer Prices Prices Producer Prices Monthly
CANADAPROPRICHA Canada Producer Prices Change Prices Producer Prices Change Monthly
CANCORECPIRATE Canada Core Inflation Rate Prices Core Inflation Rate Monthly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
CANCORPTAX Canada Corporate Tax Rate Taxes Corporate Tax Rate Yearly
CANIRSTAX Canada Personal Income Tax Rate Taxes Personal Income Tax Rate Yearly
CANSALESTAX Canada Sales Tax Rate - GST Taxes Sales Tax Rate Yearly
CANSSR Canada Social Security Rate Taxes Social Security Rate Yearly
CANSSRC Canada Social Security Rate For Companies Taxes Social Security Rate For Companies Yearly
CANSSRE Canada Social Security Rate For Employees Taxes Social Security Rate For Employees Yearly


Ticker Name Sector Category Frequency
CACURENT Canada Current Account Trade Current Account Quarterly
CANADACAPFLO Canada Capital Flows Trade Capital Flows Quarterly
CANADACRUOILPRO Canada Crude Oil Production Trade Crude Oil Production Monthly
CANADAEXTDEB Canada Total Gross External Debt Trade External Debt Quarterly
CANADAFORDIRINV Canada Foreign Direct Investment Trade Foreign Direct Investment Quarterly
CANADAGOLRES Canada Gold Reserves Trade Gold Reserves Quarterly
CANADATEROFTRA Canada Terms of Trade Trade Terms of Trade Monthly
CANADATOUARR Canada Tourist Arrivals Trade Tourist Arrivals Monthly
CANCA2GDP Canada Current Account to GDP Trade Current Account to GDP Yearly
CATBTOTB Canada Balance of Trade Trade Balance of Trade Monthly
CATBTOTE Canada Exports Trade Exports Monthly
CATBTOTI Canada Imports Trade Imports Monthly
CanadaTerInd Canada Terrorism Index Trade Terrorism Index Yearly
CanadaWeaSal Canada Weapons Sales Trade Weapons Sales Yearly